Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tueni Arab Journalism Award

In Ashrafieh, his picture hung on the gate of the cemetary where he was buried - Mar MitrIt is really great to hear about such an award for the Arab journalism, God knows how many arab and Lebanese journalist get threats every time they try to say the honest truth.

As much as Gebran Tueni was a patriot for Lebanon, as much as he had an objective mind. He was a true journalist, which made him less of a politician, and that is a compliment.

I wish politicians would become like Gebran. As Thomas Friedman (Newyork journalist) said, Gebran was not a man for sale. And he didn't want Lebanon for sale.

While I was watching today the homage that they were paying Gebran Tueni for his amazing journalism and life journey, and when they repeated so many of his words (not just the 14 March oath), I couldn't help myself, I cried.

In Ashrafieh, his picture hung on the gate of the cemetary where he was buried - Mar MitrEverytime I hear this man speak (he still does, a voice that dares death), I realise that when we lost him, we lost a lot. We lost someone who speaks the truth even if it is not on his side. And that is an act that everybody should do.

He wanted the Lebanese united, he believed in the power of words and not guns. He believed that the leaders should listen to the youth and not vice versa.

Gebran, I am sad to tell you, this is not the Lebanon you dreamed of. They don't want Lebanon to become the best Lebanon it can become. So many sides will be affected, negatively. So many reasons. So many enemies.

I was happy to see a "new" government, the government of shadow, made of young men and women who want the Lebanese Gebran and we dream of.

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