Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tonight we celebrate our version of Halloween

It is actually on December 4th where it's been said that Saint Barbara was killed by her father (decapitated). The reason behind this act is that her father (pagan) did not approve of her conversion to Christianity. After killing her by a while, he died by a sudden lightning.
I remember being told that Saint Barbara had disguised in order to escape her father and his desire of killing her. (I didn't research a lot, but there is mention of her escaping, but no mention of disguise. Nonetheless, in Lebanon, Saint Barbara is celebrated on the night of December 3 by kids actually disguising and going from door to door to get a treat.
Also, and this is dedicated to AM and COCO and to all Lebanese who are living abroad and used to celebrate this holiday, a lot of sweets are made and distributed for this occasion.
Like Atayef, either with Ashta or walnuts (which I prefer):

Of course, the best sweets (and they are VERY sweet) are the Ouwaymet (no clue what is their name in English)

And Wheat Grains, which are boiled and then mixed with sugar when presented. Very delicious.

Below you can see here, a Patisserie, making the Atayef, it has become a kind of tradition to this outdoors.

And finally, my disguise, socks with an evil witch on them!


  1. I remember "Eid el Barbara" was banned
    in 1973 for security reasons.
    Now that criminals don't wear masks
    the ban is no more implemented!

  2. Lilo, Thank you 7abibteh
    Yen3ed 3leykeh bel kheyr wel so77a wel salem.

    I remember the good old days in Zouk, when we used to dress up and be on the streets in the evening of December 3rd, with derbakkeh, nay and accordeon, singing and dancing. The houses used to be lit and open, waiting for all visitors; more songs and music from the house joined the street party, and huge tables of food and sweets made for the occasion were made... Yaaaaay! Walla we had a great life back home even with the war.

    I managed to make ame7 this year and brought a nice big bowl with me this morning, had it with honey and ma' zaher. The whole office smelled nice :)

    Bta3erfeh shou? 7ammastineh ezra3 ame7 el layleh bass erja3 3al beyt. W balkeh bemrou2 3end Arz Bakery shouf iza 3endoun shi tayyib lal mounesabeh ;)

    Mmouah, thanks again for the dedication.

    Nice Orange socks, by the way LOL (The more I see orange the more I think of your post about that colour)

    To2brineh, ma fi "Ouwaymet" bel englizeh. Ma biya3erfo ta3mit temmoun el ajenib, khediyoun 3ala muffin w donuts LOL Bass el Greek 3endoun w bi sammou "loukoumadis" ("le2mit el adi" (bel dad) bel masreh) li man yahoummouhou al amr.

  3. Merci w yen3ad 3layke kamen!

    Walla you used to do fun stuff in zouk. For us, when I used to live in the old house, kenna njami3 ba3ed wled el bineye w yalla nebroum w ntalli3 shi 1000LL, kenit teswa mni7 bi wa2ta lol.

    Zakartineh kamen lezim nezra3 ame7 w 7ommos kamen.

    Anyway 3enna shaher akid baddo yzid wazenna, ba3ed jeye el miled w u know :P el buche, el 50 kinds of food akh!

    Eh alla wakilik, 3anjad el orange battal just a color.

  4. Yo2borne rabbik,
    Wlik kif ra7 3alayye haydal post wa2ta?!
    Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah to you, give dedicating things I miss from home, Allah ykhallike :D

  5. heheh. nshalla in the future mneb3atelkoun kilo kilo 3al meshe :P