Friday, December 01, 2006

Today's orange & yellow gathering

Well, I've been trying to think of something to write about today's gathering. A lot of people are worried and afraid of its outcome. I personally think any trouble will be controlled by our Lebanese Army. I also think, they will not reach any place. For once, Syria can't help, and for once, the international community will not be on their side. Now this may sound like this is unjust for them, and they have the right for more. Of course they do. It's their right to protest, as long as no problems occur.

But what puzzles me is, how can Aoun be so happy to ally with Hezbollah. There was a day when I thought Lebanese should all be united. But not anymore, because we're not all Lebanese. Hezbollah had dragged our country into war with probably one of the strongest and top of the line technology army in the world. Moreover this war had only resulted in death, destruction, very bad economy, no tourism (no money), stress and pressure... And then the government was able to end a war it did not start, provide protection sort of speak to Hezbollah (who by the way still have weapons), get international relief, and send Lebanese troops to the borders, while they haven't been able to do that for almost 40 years.

And Hezbollah have the nerve to drag Amal with them into resigning in order to call this government illegal. Aoun lovers, can't you see who Aoun has allied with? You tell me program. What program?!

You say you only wanted Syria out and it's out, so no reason to keep blaming them for things! How can you say it's out while we still have politicians getting assassinated!
You say Aoun wanted to open "files" and that's why March 14 decided not to put him as President anymore and then each went on his way? Was he going to open also Franjieh, Karameh, Wahab, etc... files? And tell me, isn't also Hezbollah considered to at least done a tiny miny small mistake called WAR?

I have come to a place where I am almost about to have arguments (and definitely they're picking on me), with friends I have known for more than a decade, luckily I keep turning it into a joke and not say anything, because friends are more important than politics... However all this is happening because of politics, precisely Aoun (because they're with Aoun)... What is going on to this country? (I am not saying I don't put provocative nicknames on msn! I do) but I believe we are in a democratic country and I should say my opinion. So here it is ladies & gentlemen.

I think if Aoun doesn't wake, and better yet, his followers, his lovers, his worshipers, don't wake up, then we are ruined! And YES WORSHIPERS , I say that because some say: "We don't understand his politics, but we will follow him till the end, and our blood is orange!" And this response reminds me only of how we were told to follow Jesus, you don't have to see it, just believe in it, that's what faith is about.

Anyway, I do not belong to any political party, and in my family alone we have 4 religions, so if i give any opinion, it is mine and not some so called leader's.

Finally, if anyone wants to catch up on today's news, I think Tayyar's website will be covering it minute by minute.





  2. Yes I am pissed to see people who few of them are my friends stand there thinking they're helping the country while it will only lead to its destruction...

    I am pissed, and I will not refrain my feelings orelse I will explode...

    I wish for peace. But I don't believe I sould stay silent watching corruption and selfishness rise.

  3. liliane,

    why is corruption rising? and 2. you shouldnt stay quite :)


  4. hehe bodhisattva, first I would like to know your name. 2 - are you running tomorrow? (is the marathon still on)

    3- I will not say why corruption is rising, because I am on strike :D

    and 4- Well, why should I talk?

    and 5- Sometimes it feels I am talking with a therapist when I am answering your questions :P

  5. 1. hi, :)
    2. i want to, just arrived to abudhabi tho from canada, and im tired and jetlagged. maybe camel riding instead, i miss my camels :)
    3. ok, maybe its rising because you're on strike :p, perhaps its a transparency issue and a fear issue related to tribal constitution. For instance, jumblatt (sundoo2 l mhajareen), berri (sundoo2 l janoub), hariri (interest rates of 92), franjieh (moh), etc
    try telling a scared durzi, shitte, sunnite and christian from zgharta (sorry for generalizations) that these guys are corrupt :p,
    4. you should talk because we need to raise that momentum (get that water boiling), i think
    5. im sorry, i promised id quit this year but i find myself doing it all over again. hey, look at it this way, at least the exchange is free, and ill work on humbling myself :)


    p.S: check ur email for 1., :) namaste

  6. The problem is if X are with A, and Y are with B.
    X can see Y's faults, but does not accept someone criticizing A, and vice versa.

    The solution here also is "Naked Zeteh" - Self Critisism.

    If okay, we all agreed on it, A thinks to himself, what if I do admit my faults, is B going to? What if he doesn't? I end up giving it away as a Xmas gift!

    Concerning point #5, thanks :D

  7. im still doing it arent i?

    number 5 :(