Monday, December 18, 2006

This is Lebanon!

The thing is, with all that has been happening in Lebanon lately, the demonstrations and campings in downtown Beirut, would make all the tourists think, Lebanon has been deprived of having a fun and nice holiday.

Well ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself to be amazed and surprised once again by the Lebanese people's reaction. We have been going out every night for the past week, and you should see Saturday and sunday. I took me an hour to go and get back from a bank that is 2 KMs away. I went shopping 25 meters away and got back because I got tired just from checking one place, it had the least 20 people in a 16 sqm area.

Yesterday we decided to go for our Sunday afternoon's dinner then coffee, and it tooks us almost half an hour to drive a 3km highway. We were stuck in traffic the minute we got on this highway. Both ways, north and south were full.

If you think people are afraid or unfestive, think again. Lebanon is ROCKING! Seeing all this traffic for the first time didn't make me go crazy, it actually made me realise once again, despite Lebanese people's flaws and problems and craziness, we love life and we want to live it, everyday!