Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taking this opportunity to thank my readers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Independence 05 readers since this blog has started in result of the July 2006 war and continues to be.

So Thank you all those who visited this blog over and over and over from around the world, those who were silent, those who agreed and especially those who did not, because I always loved to hear the other side. I learned a lot.

To make the long story short, thank you for reading this blog, keep coming and always enrich me with your point of views while I try to report mine from, about and in Lebanon.

(I posted this on 21 Nov, I took it off when I heard about the assassination of Pierre Gemayel, and now I am reposting it. Hopefully no one will be assassinated today or ever again)


  1. We thank you too, good luck for your blog.

    Long live a free, calm, and above all independent Lebanon.

  2. Ya ahlaaaaaa :)
    3an jadd thank you for the informative blog. As I said in another comment, the blogs are the source of Lebanese news from me these day li anno mesh 7ebbeh ye3la daghteh 3ala akhbar el main stream. THANK YOU!