Thursday, December 07, 2006

Similarity between Hezbollah's logo & Pasdaran's

Well lately, this has been circulating e-mails. What is Pasdaran? It is the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. To read more please click here.

Click on images to view in larger size.

I also found the below stamp that is used in Islamic Republic of Iran.


  1. Not surprising. It's a known fact that this group is born in Iran. I don't know where Nasralla was born, raised and educated. But the least he can do in return to all these weapons, men and money, is to keep the similarity in the logo. Maybe they provided that too faw2 el bay3a. He never denied wanting an Islamic state of Lebanon. Bad news for the other religions involved, but they're not doing much to unite and unify against that... bel 7akss khediyoun 3ala khawza2a bi ba3ed (excuse my French)... so good for him, I guess :(

  2. I don't know either anything about Sheik Nasrallah's life and past, wish someone can do a documentary.

    I guess you're right, but the logo is the same, there is even the circle!!

    If we keep screwing each other, yes, we might lose Lebanon.

  3. Hizballah-rather HizbIran- is nothing more than an arm of the Iranian revolutionary guard and hence it is an integral part of the Iranian regime. I refer the reader to the Times article on Mehdi iraqi militia trained by hizballah and on the persecution of the Arab minority in Iran in Al Ahwaz province where Hizballah members were documented taking part in the oppression of the locals.