Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein capitally punished

AP Photo: This video image released by Iraqi state television shows Saddam Hussein's guards wearing ski masks... December 30, 2006 is a milestone in history. A lot of things may change, and not to the better. Saddam Hussein after being sentenced to death on November 5th, 2006, has been executed dawn of today. Way of execution: Hanged. There has even been photos and videos of how it happened, although they only broadcasted part of it, and not the actual moment when the hole under Saddam has opened.

Nevertheless it is not clear how killing this man who happens to be a war criminal, will erase all his crimes and make Iraq in better shape. Even though the decision of Saddam's execution was taken 55 days ago, a date wasn't set, and out of the blue, on Friday 29 December 2006, a date (the next day) was set.

Saddam, is not an innocent man, however it appears that he has paid a bigger price while others are still out there.

Capital punishment is something I don't approve. And to happen on the first day of Adha Holiday, does send out a certain message. But what is it?

Iran, Israel, United Kingdom and of course the United States are all on the same side concerning this matter. Interesting group, isn't it? While Syria, Russia, Lybia and other countries disapprove this execution.

Iraqi people are divided, some celebrated today, and some demonstrated against it.

What will happen next in response to this legal murder?


  1. First of all God told the prophet Noah that when a man sheds another mans blood then his blood should be shed by men. Now either God is god or he isnt, but if he is then I would not want to second guess him. Secoundly, crimes of Sadaam's magnitude are an affront to humanity and while his execution does not undue his crimes it would be an insult to his victims and their families to let him continue to enjoy life.
    Thirdly, "What will happen next in response to this legal murder?" all murder is illegal however an execution is legal.
    Fourthly, just think what would be said if the Iraqui authorities had said we want to execute him and the
    Americans had said no. Would that not dam them as imperiallous occupires? As I see it America did not interfere with the rule of law in Iraq and the Iraqis did as they thought best. Its immatterial that the average American has shed very few tears over Sadaam's death.

  2. Legal murder??! Killing a war criminal, a monster who spent 35 years killing, stealing and suppressing his own people has become a "Murder"!!??

    Lilinae, you think you can say that to all his victimes? You think a mother who had lost all of her family and never ever given the chance to bury them can accept executing Saddam as a "murder"?

    It's a jungle out there, and some how, you pay for your own deeds. Saddam put Iraq on its knees, and Iraquis put Saddam down, in the most awful way possible. Justice? In the eyes of those who suffered from Saddam, it is Justice......

  3. First of all, I said it already and will repeat it, I didn't say Saddam Hussein is an innocent man, he is definitely a criminal from the massacres and mass killings he have done, and by disagreeing with Capital punishment, I did not mean agreeing with setting him free. He should've been emprisoned for life.
    To jedion, I would like to think that God does not encourage revenge thus hate.
    To Failasoof, I understand your anger against the man, I have it too, but as I said above.
    I disapprove Execution, I don't like it, and I feel like it sends out the wrong message to the world.

    Plus, I did point out that it was chosen to be on the first day of Adha (coincidence?) and the decision was quickly taken which puzzled me a bit.


  4. No one can dispute Saddam was a murderous tyrant. The problem I saw was the involvement of the US. Even one hint of US involvement in the trial leaves open the thoughts of interference. This should have been done in an impartial country with International judges. I also believed that the execution of Saddam would only create a martyr. It is amazing to me that criminals like Chile's Pinochet was able to avoid prosecution for his crimes because he was still admired and befriended by the plutocrats of the West.

  5. Definitely, US's mistake was it was obvious that they were involved even though US did turn over to Iraqi government to deal with Saddam, this whole thing still appears US's influence!
    Now because of this mistake, he's considered to have been treated with no justice