Saturday, December 09, 2006

The old man said

While I was watching NBN a local TV station, and their reporter asking some Lebanese people asking them what they think about the current government, by coincidence they were all against it. But anyway, on old wise man said something that caught my attention and which I found very true and enlighting, he said: "The Lebanese people should love each other and then they can love Lebanon."

Wise ey?


  1. bravo :)

    reach out to the other.

    fear is in your head (tx bm) wise man indeed

  2. You know why it wasn't exactly a coincidence right? NBN: News Broadcasting Network, used to be formally (still is informally) knonw as the Nabih Berri Network. That is to say he owns the network!

  3. hehe yeah I know I was bieng sarcastic BJ