Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A new Lebanese civil war ran by one side?

Let us suppose people's predictions, fears and analysis that Lebanon will have another civil war soon in case the situation in Lebanon gets even worse, is true.

What exactly do we mean by worse? Well I guess, if the opposition finally realizes that the sit-in protests in downtown Beirut have not led to any good, they will decide to escalade things, in so many ways.

And then what? if the government does not reach a solution to satisfy both them and the opposition, or only them or only the opposition. Will Hezbollah guerillas, for example, run on the street with guns in their hands shooting right and left?
And who will fight them back? Geagea's followers? I suppose they will dig up some old weapons in their attics and go down to the streets themselves?
Or will we suddenly see tanks and canons on some street corners bombing another town and on the other hand we will see rockets coming towards us and destroying our buildings?

Consequently we will not have to go to work or will we be able to when there is some kind of temporary truce? Will we still get our salaries? Will everything be expensive again? Fuel? Vegetables? Canned food? I mean seriously? Civil War? In Lebanon?
Is it going to be like the old days, when we're driving, any armed person can make us do whatever they want because they can shoot a bullet in our heads and our life is just so precious? Will we go back to killing depending on a person's sect?

I am waiting for the day, an agreement is reached between "Iran" and the US, so I can see a group hug between Nasrallah, Aoun, Jumblat, Geagea and Saad.

That is ladies and gentlemen, the definition of silliness.


  1. i like this blog,and ill visit it again, that's for sure !!

  2. That's really nice to know! Keep coming ;)

  3. lol

    At first I thought this blog was strictly 100% 14th of the blog as well (I second Doha)

    2nd, I am more interested in simple hugs rather group hug between Nasrallah and Jaajaa as well as Aoun and Jaajaa, moreover, Frangieh with Amin Gemayel or king of the hill hug: Talal Irslain and Walid Junblatt ;)

    Btw, you would make a fine CEO one day ;)


  4. No it is not a 14th of March blog, I tend to side sometimes, but I never follow blindly, when someones messes up, they get dissed in my blog (in a respectful way) sort of speak.

    And Marxist you made my day :P (year?)... me CEO *dreams*

  5. The civil war, Lebanon witnessed many of them and now their main concern should not return to the Arab Arab bloody wars, has vowed the Lebanese people in the 14th of March to remain united in perpetuity, Muslims and Christians chanted that behind Shahid Jubran Twini, Palestine, and is now about to fall into the trap of civil war, which the government has Israel is behind the assassination of children and the elderly.
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