Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nasrallah on Taef & Aoun in November 1989

I got this by email, it says that the source is the local Lebanese newspaper An-nahar, and the date when this was writeen was 6 November 1989.

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  1. if u got the chance, can u provide us by some declarations of samir geagea about jomblat before 1991 (or vice versa)?

  2. If I receive anything by email or see on the Internet about Geagea and junblat, I will put it.

    I guess they all have a past ha? That's why I follow no leaders, wish more do the same. Including you.

  3. Anomymous is just an organge clown following another orange clown into the abyss for the second time in 17 years. He never learned the lessons of the war...

  4. Debate,

    It doesn't help to call everyone who does not tow your line a clown. Yes, they ALL have histories. You can be as bigoted as you want on your own blog (despite your name "debate"), but on other blogs people don't have to submit to your campaign of terror. We are a diverse people, remember?

  5. Yeah I agree with Suga, although I am neither a fan of Nasrallah or Aoun, but I refrain myself from calling those "leaders" names because I still want to reach out to the people who like them and maybe solve things. So :/

  6. i have nothing to do with FPM. (i am the first anonymous). I was serious in my request. (what's that direct classification if u questioned anything??)
    We can use old declarations in a propagandic sense just to prove our point, but that doesn't mean that there exist other declarations from other sides towards other sides and can be use also in propagandic way. we just have to dig alittle.
    That's what I meant by my comment.
    Sorry if it angered anybody.

  7. I stand by what I said, if I see anything about anyone, I will put it, I don't mind. But honestly don't have time to dig up.
    And no worries, no one was angered ;)