Friday, December 01, 2006

Nasrallah, I am on to your game

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah I respected you, and I have supported you all the way through the war. And this blog is proof. Everyone can go back to the early dates and see how I defended this war and how I even thought that we won over the Israelis.

But you know what, I am big of a person to admit when I was wrong. And I was wrong. Because so many Lebanese united with you, and now you're against them. I stopped believing you when you said something in the sense of "If we knew this would be Israel's reaction, we wouldn't have captured the 2 soldiers". I mean come on, Israel? Big Reaction? Technology? Weapons? Have you even been living on earth?

You are ruining Lebanon. If you care about Lebanon you wouldn't be doing all this. If the government doesn't do your way, you accuse and threat? Where do you get your money from? Where do you get your weapons from? We all know you are the pawns in a chess game, played by big enemies.

For the record: You want participation in decision making? Did you let anyone participate in the decision of making a war that was totally unecessary?

Where are you taking us, you won't say will you? What do you want Lebanon to become?

But guess what, the otthomans have gone, the french are gone, the syrians are gone, and whoever comes next? will be gone! That is, if we let them.

The Siniora government might not be perfect, but it is enough that it stopped your war, and got help. I support it, the Lebanese Flag is hung on the balcony and we are no longer afraid of Hezbollah or saying anything against it.


  1. I have a respect to your people...I support you all the way..fight to bring your life back to peace and not to war!!!!
    don't beleive to this snake nasralla, he is like to play with people, it's like a game for shoot rockets, to start war, to start a civil war...he said that Allah with him...he full of crap, god will never support in people like him.

  2. Suddenly when Israel's not the one being threatened by Hezbollah , you manage to say you're on to Nasrallah's game. I guess now that you're the victim and not Israel (Well, naturally,in the long term,Israel will always be Hezbollah's victim) you won't say that "Nasrallah speaks the truth" any longer", ay? Yep, I was on to your way of thinking a long time ago......

  3. Well anynomous #2, you're obviously very perceptive (especially after I have admitted everything), but know this, me admitting that Hezbollah was wrong, does not mean I am saying Israel is innocent and right. On the contrary, Israel is as guilty and wrong as any force who uses weapons to kill... (Israel is NOT a victim at all, Israel's IDF are killers and murderers)

    Enjoy this thought for the rest of the day, while you thought you had me there for a while :)

  4. IDF are not murders...they only defend on their people...if some cevilians killed, you should blame hezbolla that shoot on israeli cities from cevilians places...(I saw a video of hezbolla hiding wepons in hospitals).

    if IDF are murders, so USA army murders also, russia army murders...and yes if you liked it or not your army is also a murders..the IDF need to care from his own people before it care for the Lebaneses...every country would do exactly the same and even worse...
    I am not Anonymous#2, I am Anonymous#1.

  5. Nice way of defense... especially with the palestinians. but let's not go there.

    I understand an army is there to defend its country. And I understand that all countries are not saints and many do murder for their own selfish purposes... but please do not tell me IDF are innocent and only defending.

    You see when I said I didn't believe Nasrallah when he said that he didn't expect such "exaggerated" response from Israel... because we all know how Israel blows things out of proportion... and shooting at Lebanese military and media in Lebanon is not defense and shooting at hezbollah troops. I really don't feel like repeating things here I mean please use some sense and logic.

    And I especially liked when Israel said they were trying to help Lebanon but getting rid of Hezbollah, for me this is another matter and I don't feel like going into it, but I will say one thing, Neither Hezbollah nor Israel were trying to help Lebanon, it's a silly excuse used by everyone!

  6. I know that the IDF are not saint, and yes they bombed lebanon media (al -manar), and the Lebanese army...they have excuses (like the Lebanese army help hezbolla in the case of the ship, or that they bombed the airport because they didn't want that hezbolla will take the prisoner to other countries)...but we can't ignore from the killing they did..
    but you shouldn't depend on can't expect that they pity on you, or help you...they don't care from your politics, they only care from themself, like any other country, and any other army.
    you should take the responsibility...and now we see here in the world that you can act also , you have a democracy and you can decide what you want...war with israel, or peace...and if you go to war we will accept this...I only tried to strengthen the 14 march position.

  7. Anonymous you said: "but you shouldn't depend on can't expect that they pity on you, or help you...they don't care from your politics, they only care from themself, like any other country, and any other army.

    Who exactly do you mean? March 14?

    And you know, if it were up to me, I will choose Peace in an instant... My parents lived their golden years in war, I was born in war, and I do not intend to one day have children during war... this is just too much.

  8. I intend to all the Lebaneses...march 14, march 8...all the dates.

  9. OH I see.... But unfortunately they run our country :S who can we rely on? Unless I will run for ministry elections ;)

  10. Yes it is a problem, but you have to fight back...

  11. That's what nowadays siniora's government is doing, especially having an international and american support.

  12. liliane, having american or foreign support AGAINST someone on the inside is what we're trying to break free from,

    how do you approach hizbulla with moral authority if you're practising what you're condemning them for doing

    we rely only on ourselves, you me, liliane bodhi ahmad, ali, khadijah tom, jones and everyone else


  13. Yeah I know, but I was saying what is the reality... and I really think this is what will happen.