Monday, December 18, 2006

More Lebanese Christmas creativity

Every year around Christmas time, so many municipalities decorate their towns, and for the past 5 years or so Jdeideh has been doing a great decoration, although I liked the old, they have been doing the below one for the past 3 years maybe. It's nice to see all this christmas spirit everywhere you go in Lebanon, although while you're driving you kinda lose this spirit, we're just crazy drivers!

There is also ABC Dbayeh, which has disguised as a gift this year, it is really creative and draws your attention a kilometer away.


  1. Love it! This is an example of why I miss Lebanon during the holidays :)

  2. Although this year it's kind of less than usual :/ I will still try to get as much pics as I can, and share them with the Lebanese abroad who won't be able to come back these holidays, maybe heik shwey bit 7esso 7alkoun 2rab ;)