Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Martyrs didn't die, for us to quit and leave

I always go back to a sentence Samir Geagea said on his speech in Notre Dame of Harissa on Sunday, September 29, 2006. You can read about that day in this post.

The meaning of the sentence was that the Lebanese martyrs didn't die, for us to quit and leave.

I love this sentence, it always makes me retreat for a minute and think before I think if I want to leave Lebanon or not.

Of course, for everything in life, there are 2 sides and 2 meanings. But first, I want point out, that all martyr's, whatever their cause was in Lebanon, they had strong faith, and strong belief, that if they die, they are helping Lebanon. We might not totally agree with their political thinking, nonetheless, they really are to respect.

I salute those Lebanese martyrs, and that is the main reason for the red color in the Lebanese flag, we wouldn't trade it for the world.

Back to the 2 sides, should we leave or not? Although people died to save Lebanon. We can decide to stay, only in respect to those martyrs, and we can decide to leave and tell those martyrs, no we're not like you. I am not blaming or saying who's right or wrong, because I believe we are right when we think in both ways.

Another dilemma...

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