Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Law for Medias in Lebanon

Even though I haven't been watching the news lately. I have chose willingly to be oblivious and ignorant concerning the recent events in Lebanon that are of course related to politics. But of course you can't really shut yourself completely when you can see, hear and read. I hear echos, a lot of them.

The feeling or instinct that I had was definitely positive. I am really not worried. Maybe it is because I don't listen to the news and the intensity of how they bring it to you.

Anyway, I've been thinking for sometime and even bringing it up to some people, that there should be a law for the media in Lebanon. Honestly I haven't done any research concerning the subject to see how media and laws for media are delt with abroad and in more evolved countries, or even if there is already one in Lebanon that isn't being applied. In reply to this thought, someone told me, that there is actually talks about the medias and how they have been behaving lately and the suggestion of a law that will limit their subjectivity (not freedom) orelse I would be against.

Media is not a place to diss others and make oneself look good, media is supposed to bring the news and what is really going on to the public as is!

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