Saturday, December 02, 2006

I am on strike. No more politics for me

Politics is really bringing me down. So I will really stop myself from writing anything about it, I will be on strike (from political posts only), which I really don't know where it will lead except maybe prove a point to myself that whether I discuss politics or not, things will remain the same, so why bother myself and ruin my health.

I am pretty sure my loyal readers had their different reasons for checking my blog and keep being informed on our point of views concerning things (so thank you, but!). I always new the solution for a better Lebanon is neither politics, or parties, or wars or discussion... It's a much different thing and it cannot be accomplished at this point.

Anyway talking here has obviously done nothing for anyone, because to each his own opinion and apparently no one is willing to change their opinion. I have said what I think, and I don't think I have anything more to add. If you're interested in knowing my opinion just flip back through the archive.

However remember this, if you don't change, you're not evolving.
If you don't question, you'll never learn.
If you don't believe in yourself, you will always follow.

3... 2... 1...



  1. Ah I understand you very much ... more than you think ...

  2. you'll be back.
    i am sure... u might not feel it now but its in our blood

  3. liliane,

    why is differences of opinion not seen as a positive aspect of any society?

    we need to build a framework that puts that into a sustainable and positive mechanism,

    thats all

  4. AM: thank you :(

    Rampurple: Probably, most probably... but I really need to take a break, coz if i don't I will lose my mind

    Actually, most of the Lebanese agree on the goal (the ultimate). But for example we in Lebanon, do not look at our leaders as for example a product.
    Product A - Product B. This has this feature but not that, it's okay I can live without it, and they said they will add it in the future, etc...
    The problem is we look at Product A once stole from me, and yelled at Product B. Or product B is actually manufactured in March so to hell with it...
    That's our problem. And I see a solution, maybe yes I do. But there are just too many factors to deal with and I m only human and so are so many others.

  5. being human is what im betting on :),

    so what solution do you have?

  6. Dommage, j'aime bien votre site. Tellement de sites bidons que lorsqu'on en trouve un qui colle à une réalité ou à notre (individuel) réalité, on essaie de le garder. Combattre le pessimisme même si la situation s'y prête!

  7. Merci bien pour ces mots, mais malheureusement, ces derniers jours je me sens tres emotionelle, et no plus objective mais plutot subjective. Et vraiment je ne comprends plus ce qu'il se passe. C'est pourquoi j'ai decide de prendre quelques jours de repos :D

    Stay tuned, I will be back