Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How to get rich in Lebanon

The story goes that to get rich in your country you have to follow the trend, what's in, what's the thing that everybody digs. For example, in the US, real estate is pretty much in, buy a property in an area that is going to bloom in the near future, and when the time comes, just sell it, or lease it... Same goes pretty much to UK. I guess if we want to say Columbia, drug dealing is the trend. What about Italy? let's not go there.

So I recently discovered a way to get rich in Lebanon. It's not really a secret, clues and signs are all around us, on the media, on the internet, everywhere.

Okay okay, I can see you're getting impatient here. Have you seen billboards? For example selling tissues, with blood on them saying use X tissue to wipe the tragedies of war. Or the so many ads on TV, for example X bank's ad, trying to spread awareness. They really changed my mind, I am going to change my bank now, because this bank loves Lebanon? Loving Lebanon should have nothing to do with a product, you don't say! On that note, I only buy tissues that are smooth, and deal with banks that are secure, have higher interest and better services.

Anyway, what I am going to do to get rich is, take a picture all sad and agonized under Lebanese war ruins and destruction, and then you can please send me a dollar in order to get yourself a copy of that sensible and awareness picture.

Let us be a part of this propaganda, aren't we already?

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