Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gebran Tueni: Martyr of the Lebanese Resistence

Annahar online (online version of the local newspaper known as An-Nahar = The day) has made this page about Gebran Tueni, you can click here to hear the oath that Gebran said on March 14, 2005. In the webpage you can read about his childhood, his life, his dreams, his assassination, his father Ghassan Tueni, pictures, basically everything you would want to know about him.

In this period especially, I have been really wondering what the great journalist and thinker would have said about the current situation in Lebanon. I understand why they assassinated him, rare people said wise words and he was one of them and now he is gone, and no wise words are being said. I wish the strength for his daughter Nayla, hope she continues his message.

I remember his articles in the newspaper, when no one dared to say the name "Syria", he would just lay it out on the table. When no one dared to defend Aoun, he was the first to back up all this youth who thought Aoun's exile is unjust... w mitloun mteyil

Hope he rests in peace, Gebran Tueni is the martyr of the LEBANESE RESISTENCE!

Di3anak ya Gebran bi hal balad, walla di3anak


  1. I believe that him and Samir Kassir are the biggest losses that Lebanon suffered these past couple of years. The decent people who were truly and whole-heartedly Lebanese to the bones with one mission: Lebanon.

    Alla yer7amoun, w yer7am Lebnen men el sharr!

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  3. It was so unfair to kill Samir Assir... Alla yer7amo w ysabbir their families!

    I wish the Lebanese, all of them, do not ever forget someone like Gebran, w his words, shou hal zalameh.

  4. :)

    reach out to the other, that is the message they didnt right yet in their lives, but they wrote in their deaths

    reach out :)..