Friday, December 01, 2006

Fresh Pictures from today's gathering

I received those pictures by email from a friend. His friend shot these pictures near his work today at noon. I enhanced the colors of some, they were a bit dark.


  1. For some reason I don't feel good about this one. Alla yestour men tosfayit el 7ssebet wel to2ssim, wel 7arb el ahliyyeh! :(
    Ya reyt fi 7ada y2elloun el clip elli 3alal post taba3 Sayf el Ba7r, heyk 3alanan w la kelloun sawa... balkeh bi7esso 3a dammoun w bi waffro dammna.

  2. today was the first day I considered leaving Lebanon.

  3. there is really no hope when our politicians are kids and they're just playing mean to each other. and the worse is, the people are following... I am not sure I want to give up my whole life for a country where its people no longer understand the concept of love, respect, order and brotherhood.

  4. liliane,

    why dispair, this should let you know integration is the way to go, the only way to go. you cant marginalize anyone and you shouldnt in lebanon. if one loses, we all lose. We need to integrate all lebanese into the building of their country,

    wouldn't you agree :)

    hi btw

  5. Hi to you.

    I don't think integration and merge is possible. I wish it is. But it isn't. Because it doesn't suit the leaders in Lebanon, and it doesn't suit the regional leaders for the Lebanese to agree on common ground (+ the people are too much of followers). Lebanon is bound to have problems, because NOW Lebanon is okay, I don't think any other country regionally will be benifitting from business deals on international scale, as well as tourism, and other financial generators.
    And there is also the Iran plan on the other side.

    Who are we kidding? Enjoy your evening, I sure will, eating at BK and hitting the movies to see "The Departed" :D

  6. Nooo not "The Departed" wlo. I hated that movie, I even left the theatre before it ended.

    Laykeh, about the pictures in this post, what's the red/white and green flag? 7ezeb jdid? Speaking of which, I just heard on the news "attayar al watani al 7orr al moustaqell" <-- is this a new parti too?
    Ya 7aram ya Lebnen, we really need to have a Lebanese parti. Balkeh "Al 7ezb Al Loubnani Faqat La Ghayr"? :)

  7. liliane,

    i hope you enjoyed your evening, because surely that poor cow that was eating grass on the swiss alps, (sunny day, cool breathe, water running, cascading down the mountain) in bk isnt gonna comeback :(.

    now, im trying to draw out the logic in understanding why
    -its leaders that need to make the change
    -its impossible to lead our own destiny

    Liliane, if we have a constitution that gaurantees your rights as equals, all of us, inside and outside lebanon, we can build an interface for foreign countries to deal with called a government (not the ones we had 43 onwardss). The difference is in the institutional rather than tribal property such a government will have in the scope of an equality based constitution. Meanwhile, change towards that doesnt need leaders alone. If we approach leaders (top) and leave down, people, the system currently will not allow us to shift momentum. Both, top and down need to be addressed and invested in,

    and this is what we're doing here :), the bottom part, by interchanging dialogue,

    the idea is to create enough momentum to reach a critical mass, then, it goes on its own momentum.

    do you want me to tell you about boiling water?



    p.S: how was that movie btw, and sorry about making you feel guilty on your gastranomical choices :( :)

  8. Coco, I didn't watch the movie The departed, I ended up seeing "The Last Kiss", beautiful movie, I love Zach Braff!
    About that flag I donno what it is hehe, the funniest flag is Al marada's, bi dawo bil leil, akhdar phosphorique

    To Bodhi: The whopper was very good. I mean this cow died before I ate it :S I don't eat a lot of meat :( the whopper is just so good!
    And I will re-read ur comment, I didn't get it the first two times (I am usually smarter than this) its 1 am :P and I wanna go sleep

  9. please do, its the whopper intefering with your critical thinking i think here,

    besides, "i only have the right to jetlag, get to bed all you lebanese people

  10. Usually after eating the whopper I lose any sense of depression and sadness. I bet this cow died happy.

    However surprisingly, I read your post once and I understood what you meant.

    I agree on some things, and others I don't.
    The things I agree about is that if we all have the same rights, automatically the corruption will disapear (but are we better than the US for example which still has some corruption in its hierarchy).
    Both (leaders & people) should be addressed. I agree with.

    I can tell you why I don't agre the dialogue will actually do anything but help (only on the individual basis, where the people who benefit from dialogue are actually people who can know anything on their own). People are brought up in Lebanon with the idea that they are punished for bad things (for example), but they are never explained why. They do wrong things, they never admit when they're wrong because in most Lebanese people, it is not manly (even for girls O.o)!

    To solve such a thing you need to address the root (the older cannot be changed).

  11. thats why the world is mostly carnivorous, m3atareen hal cows saro natural opium (if opium isnt natural to start with) :), im sure she died knowing full well you would enjoy her and appreciate her, (her husband bull didnt, the asshole), so she's happy in heaven (ur stomach too), :)

    liliane, the idea is we are all born with the same rights. we also have the same overall goals. for instance, we all want to be happy, we dont want to suffer, we want affection and compassion, we dont want cruelty and hate. this is enough to understand that we're closer than we think we are. we are also highly interdependent, we just dont see that very well. for instance, if you're upset, the people around you will be affected, but the people around them will be affected too, maybe to a lesser degree but still affected. similarly when you're positive, you send positive vibes and receive positive vibes too. its a circle, not a one line approach. the butterfly effect: butterfly fetters in china can be felt as weather change in canada :), everything is connected

    that takes us to the next thing, if we're all really the same (not clones, but same desires aspirations), and we're very connected to one another, then it makes sense that if you win, i win too, and if i win you win too. but we dont realize that because we dont realize the first two of the insights. for instance, if we all share the same ecosystem and structure, and youre sad and hurt, the structure is affected, the structure is hurt, i feel it too, i dont win. for me to win, longterm sustainable way (new way of thinking) we should all win, we should all feel happy, work, reach our aspirations etcetera, its not about win lose anymore, because if you lose, i lose too.

    so the dialogue we're talking about is here, is now is everywhere, we're all around it, we just listen, think and speak from honesty, we absorb and we grow, we don't try to win in our ways our arguments, we try to look for ways to win together, maybe we'll come up with a whole new things, this is dialogue

    and liliane, i think this is the root :) and certainly if we change we give the older ones hope they can do that too,

    be happy,


    p.S: admiting we are wrong in our old ways is our first step to growth :), bring the water, the sunshine is already all over beirut

  12. Okay I do agree with you on the most part. But how can you spread this? I remember when I used to find positive things in dialogue with people from political parties I did not agree with, and I never really reached any place.
    I once stood in front of, I donno 200 - 250 persons in my uni's amphi theater, to tell them," why are you fighting while you all want the same things? this is absurd, bla bla bla," and I got booed.

    So no for me this is definitely not the root, the root, is the root!

  13. Only once, and I didn't go on a boat in a very early time. So it wasn't a real experience.