Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Few questions to the opposition, can anyone answer?

I don't mean to provoke or fish for a fight, as a matter of fact I honestly don't understand certain things and I wish someone could explain them to me, because I am reading on and other places and I still am not finding answers.

  1. If you do topple the Siniora Government, what will you do next? Is there a program?
  2. Are things going to get better? How is that?
  3. And this is especially to FPM, do you really understand all the step Aoun is doing?
  4. Finally, when you become the government, are you going to listen to the rest?


  1. Dear Liliane,
    I will answer on behalf of Aoun & Hezbollah.

    I dont really care, i just want the presidency.

    Nasrallah :
    AL Mawtou li Amrika.

    Both leaders fear they might lose their influence and are playing their last card, regardless where it leads them.

    I say they wanna push to the max to obtain the maximum number of compromises, but they never expected such a fierce stand from the 14th of March.

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  3. I also heard this explanation from someone I know, that they are asking for impossible things in order to cause problems.

    However I still want to hear an answer from the opposition, I want to be convinced that the country will be better, if so I will go down there and back them up in the toppling of the government.

  4. concerning point 3.

    you are not the only ones who can't understand his "excellency"...

    though i can retrace the actual positions of the other parties (incl. changes) i capitulate in front of one question "what does the general want?"

    though i can't deduce what he wants, i'm sure that he is persuaded that he is the ony man who can drive us (i mean the human race!) out of our misery...

    i was the most shocked to hear the FPM using the same rethoric of chizballah (note that i use the israeli way to pronounce it): divine anger, honest of the honest, faithfulest of the faithful... that is scaring me!

    p.s.: nice and funny blog. keep up the good work