Thursday, December 14, 2006

Che Guevara led me to the 2$ bill

While I was watching an unbroadcasted episode until last Monday on LBC of Gebran Tueni. A special kind of interview, which Gebran Tueni had chosen 10 life-time favorite songs, and spoke and explained the reason behind choosing the song. One of those songs was "Asta Siempre, Commandate" which was written for and about Ernesto Guevara aka Che Guevara. A song I sang so well, even though I didn't know the language, I remember making my friend translate it for me. Having said that, Gebran had described El Che as a courageous man, a man of freedom and liberty. A hero that so many young people will grow to love during their rebel years. I know I have been deeply influenced by him.

Anyway, I went afterwards to my room all excited and opened a book I have about Che's journals which he wrote during the revolution and the wars he had participated in, and I found this 2 US$ bill. Surprised? well keep reading! This isn't mine, I think I got this from mom after I felt so guilty for spending mine and she felt so bad for me!

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