Friday, December 29, 2006

Charbel Khalil is no longer credible

While listening to the radio yesterday, I heard Charbel Khalil criticizing some political stands. I don't remember the exact words he said but I definitely remember the context. Charbel Khalil was criticizing the people who are saying that the fact that the 2 parking lots (Riad el Solh and Martyrs square) are being camped by the protestors, is costing Lebanon around 35 millions US$ per day. Moreover he continued sarcastically that if this is the case, then they should destroy everything in Lebanon and build parking lots. In consequence this should fix the 40 billion US$ debt within a year.

He addressed the Lebanese people to no longer be naive and fall for such analysis and reasoning.

On that note, I agree that the Lebanese people should no longer fall for a naive and simplistic analysis such as Charbel Khalil's.

The real problem is not the parking lots, political tension in Lebanon is at its peak, traditional tourists who visit Lebanon in winter for skiing and dining have all cancelled. Known fact is that economy is directly related to political status. Moreover Downtown Beirut Cafés and shops that used to buzzed with life with no place to "put your foot", have become nowadays a ghost town.

Charbel Khalil is no longer objective (so to speak). If he doesn't want people to fall for naive analysis and excuses as he claims, then perhaps he should start applying this on himself and refrain himself from offering such simplistic and ridiculous analysis.

Furthermore the show "Bas Met Watan", is no longer objective itself, while before it used to attack and criticize everyone, it has become very biased.

Charbel Khalil has lost credibility and is in no place to address to people and tell them how to think.


  1. Basmat Watan and La Youmal have become exactly the opposite to each other... earlier years they agreed on the Syrian mandate

  2. yep you're right. before it was fun to watch, but nowadays it is only a war between two TV shows.