Sunday, December 10, 2006

Any Soujuk lovers out there?

For all Soujuk lovers, spicy hot soujuk! This was my dinner last night! And it was delicious, mixed of course with eggs and fried!

I don't know if I ever left Lebanon how I will survive without eating such delicious food outside!


  1. Please explain further. What are all the dishes, and what is soujouk? I never ate it in Lebanon.

    I see chickpeas but what is the name of the dish? I see an omelet - name? and is Soujouk the other dish, red and yellow mix?

    Information, please!

  2. Rito alf sa77a w hana w nshalla ma bteterkeh Lebnen. Bass iza w lal bedd ettarrayteh, ma elik ella Montreal, aka Little Lebanon or even Lebnen bi Kanada Kamen lol
    Bass again, nshalla ma bteterkeh Lebnen wtdalla el tawleh 3emra.

  3. Where you see yellow and red is actually the Soujuk and eggs mixed together and fried in a pan as an omlette. (our own recipe)

    Soujuk is actually meet mixed with peppers, spice and some other secret kind of peppers, stuffed in some animals intestins (sounds yucky I know), but then after they are dry, the intestins are removed.

    It is very good! I recommend it. When you come to Lebanon, go to Bourj Hammoud and at a Soujuk sandwich at Bedo's

  4. found your site looking for soujuk recipe to cook some given by a saudui client. However only found the pic and no "tasty" recipe very disappointing. My conundrum is the package of soujuk says cook all meat thouroughly. Now in USA we have beef jerky which is dried beef made with spices and salt and you dont have to cook it just eat it. Having had food poisoning in the past I dont take chances with meat so whats the deal with soujuk is there an actual danger if you dont cook it? Why not list a recipe for us to try cooking it?
    Finall, in response to your question of what you would do for tasty food if you left your country: haveing traveled North America and Europe as well as trying traditional Korean and Indonesian food I'd recommend Italian cooking (I'm not Italian) its really some of the best food I've had the world over.