Thursday, December 21, 2006

26 years in Lebanon, what about the next 26?

As I woke up today, I had a couple too many thoughts in my head about becoming 26, and besides worrying about getting older, getting wrinkles, having accomplished stuff or not, etc... One of them was about being in Lebanon for so long (26 years to be precise), and if I am going to spend the next 26 in here. Is Lebanon the right place for us to build a career? have opportunities to make a better future? go up the stairs? have a family? be able to pay their tuition?

I have lived here for so long, and I am still puzzled. I know I am all talk, and I know I am staying here for the rest of my life. I just can't leave it. As the quote says "An english man's house is his castle".


  1. Happy Birthday Liliane, Allah y'3atiki fara7 bi haytik.

    I hope you stay in Lebanon. Our country needs people who think... and your a thinker. (Although I'm not sure I agree with you politically). And I really wish that I lived my 25 years in Lebanon... of course I plan to change that, but consider yourself priveledged.

    And I like your blog... its kind of like your diary I suppose. The only reason I came on it is because you commented on one of my posts in another blog.

    God bless you.

  2. Liliane said: "Is Lebanon the right place for us to build a career? have opportunities to make a better future? go up the stairs? have a family? be able to pay their tuition?

    Happy birthday. Nice blog you've got going here, Liliane.

    Sorry for sounding so despondent, but the answers to all the above questions would be "no". Leave the country whenever you get a chance. Just get away from the sectarianism, the political bickering, the stupidity, the ugliness, the hatred, ... You won't regret it. Lebanon is, for the lack of a better word, a failed state and will remain so as long as there are Lebanese living in it (we, Lebanese, want it to remain that way... a failed state).

  3. Lebanon is a country of extremes. Extremely good and extremely bad. Shou, everytime there is a problem we run away from it? The true sons and daughters of Lebanon would stay and if they would go they would still help Lebanon greatly. There is more to life than living comfortably in suburbia... in the end, life is like a mist that comes and goes in a second... as someone once said "All men die, few ever truly live." Long Live Lebanon and if its on your heart to stay, stay.

  4. First of all, thank you guys for your wishes and comments.

    Second, I love this, seeing two opposite point of views. And your arguments are what I think of everyday. Black or White, True or False, Right or wrong...

    But where is the middle? We can't keep living in extremes, ya3ne ok life should be deep and not just about living in suburbia as you put it Abu Jaafar, but I understand also that we shouldn't run away from our problems. But Lebanon is no longer offering us daily problems, these are much much worse than problems, it is limiting our creativity, our ambition and our hopes :/

    But as I said, I am not sure if I will ever be able to leave Lebanon, and if I ever do, I am coming back.

  5. Oh btw Abu Jaafar, it is actually William Wallace who said "Every man dies, not every man really lives". You can hear a small clip of Mel Gibson in William Wallace's character in Braveheart saying this quote.

  6. Yii, hope i am not too late, not checking blogs regularly lately.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and 3a2bel the miyyeh. Inshallah the next year will carry everything that you dream of and that makes you happy, ya rabb.


  7. Merci ktir AM for your wishes. And you're not too late, I am only 26 years and 1 day :P

  8. Happy Birthday Hokkiss :)
    Nshalla you will spend the next 26 years in Lebanon, bass the Lebanon that we want, peaceful, free and ruled by people who love it more than themselves. Too much to ask for? ma3leych, "ma yahna2ou l 3aysh lawla fous7atoul amali" heyk bi oul el she3ir, iza mesh gholtaneh ;)

    Happy belated birthday again! Mouah

  9. I admit my view is extreme, I know it, didn't decide to really to be like that but I affirm it and like it. You can't put out forest fires by lighting candles... you need water, and lots of it, for that... in the same way, certain extremes need other extremes to make the situation more balanced and moderate like you want it (and I too)... I suppose if this moderatism really existed, there would be no need for my radicalism. And trust me, concerning suburbia, I say those that have money and those that don't, and those that have comforts and those that dont, and easy lives and those that dont, you will find unhappinness and little joy amongst them all. These are not things that bring true joy, and I know it.

    Thanks for that peice of info, btw, about William Wallace!

  10. Tchenoragalem Coco :D, w nshalla we all spend the next 26 years in the lebanon we want :).

    Abu Jaafar, as long as the intention is good, then all is good :).