Thursday, December 28, 2006

Talents in Lebanon - Photographer: Karen K

This is the second entry of Talents in Lebanon. The first was about the composer and musician Jalal Haddad.

This entry comes in a bit late nevertheless it is only because I want to make sure that I only bring you the best.

Every morning. So every morning I wake up with a purpose... With a bedhead, I go down some few floors to grab a cup of coffee from a cafe across the street...

I have been introduced to the work of the Lebanese photographer Karen K on consequently I have immediately been drawn to them. After browsing the work of so many photographers, I only experienced the feeling of closeness when I stumbled upon the photos Karen have taken. I couldn't take my eyes off her photostream, one after another. Each time I thought I had found the best one, I was wrong.

The interesting thing about Karen's work, is her work can feed different tastes. Everyone can find his own favorites while skimming through her library of photos.

To know more about Karen, where she lives, her interests, etc... You can view her profile here.

Out of breath. Self-Portrait.

Furthermore, ladies and gentlement, Karen's photographs. Karen has many albums, if you are lost and don't know where to start, I recommend Karen's dearest photos.

Karen even had her share in reporting about the war in her own way.

This was shot few weeks before the war started in Lebanon.