Sunday, November 26, 2006

That Black Saturday, dad`s life was spared

The black saturday was not just another normal saturday. It was during the beginning of the 1975 civil war in Lebanon, on December 6.

Black Saturday was a series of massacres and armed clashes in Beirut, that occurred in the first stages of the Lebanese Civil War. On Saturday December 6, 1975, the bodies of four members of the radical-rightist Phalange Party, an organization grouping primarily Maronite Christians, were found in an abandoned car outside the state-owned electricity plant in Christian-dominated East Beirut.

The Phalange's militiamen in the city went into a frenzied rage, blaming the killings on the Lebanese National Movement (LNM), dominated by leftist Muslims and Palestinians. Phalange forces attacked Muslims throughout Christian-dominated East Beirut, indiscriminately firing into crowds. Tens or hundreds of Muslim hostages were snatched off city streets and either killed or later released for ransom.

Luckily, when Dad was passing, his life was spared as one of his friends was on that checkpoint where he was stopped. His friend told: "He's good, let him go".
Of course later on he flipped at dad for leaving the house.


  1. why do you think my parents called me t..


    we have to learn from our mistakes

  2. Arabic name, no religion involved! Smart

  3. but i have to carry it as a burden, maybe i should change the way i think,

    i like the name, not the stigma with it

  4. I don't think you should change the way you think, because these days arabic names are burdens. Everyone else should change the way they think, and then you can :D