Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sleiman Franjieh, please go away

I just have to say it to keep it on record. I was so surprised even shocked of his statement yesterday directly post the assassination by an hour or so, when he blamed the security system in Lebanon of loop holes, etc... And he only did this to get back at those who accused his ministry that their security system is bypassed by the syrian intelligence.

I can't believe how silly, childish and ridiculous Franjieh sounded. Why can't he be for once a wise man, he could've waited at least 1 or 2 days before criticizing Lebanon's weak security system, he should've just paid his condolences and act as a respectful man. But no, the other kids won't like him!

I don't deny that we apparently still have a lousy security system that till now is still hacked by the syrian intelligence which had presumably left Lebanon in April 2005. However it was so obvious that he only wanted to get back just like kids to those who accused him of the same in march 2005.

And concerning Talal Erslen's statement, well no comment. Seriously this guy is living in a whole different world on his own.


  1. Seems to me extremely likely that this, coming as Syria and the US officially announce their rapprochement in Iraq with the resumption of DipRealtions, is most likely the work of someone who wants the Syrian/US rapprochement to stop. It's hard to see how this benefits SYria in the way previous assasinations did. It's easy to see how this benefits the 14March colation.

  2. well we all know till now assassinations lose their hmmm excitement for lack of better word after a week or two. What would be left is a government that is no longer legal to vote for an int'l tribunal that will investigate against criminals.

    No proof against either till now, everything are just speculations.

    However I consider it silly to think it is doing 14 march any good except that they are using it for their own good. They're losing men so the least is use their martyrdom in a way to benefit their stand in this country.

    Politics is politics.

  3. I hope it's an outside job and I hope that it can be confirmed, so to all other assassinations that happened since the day Syria stepped onto Lebanese soil.

    It will be a shame if this is an inside job. I hate to think it but we are people who are easily influenced and very emotional, and sometimes our loyalty is to where the dough comes from. This is what needs to change to build a new independent Lebanon really.

    As to these stupid officials who use such a catastrophe to point fingers, well, childish is a small word that describes their behaviour. Children are peaceful, innocent and harmless. These people should be exiled to the poorest countries in Africa, maybe they will learn the real meaning of democracy, sovereignty and independence and maybe they will learn to appreciate what an independent country can do for them if they work for it.

  4. Well it's possible some hands in this murder were Lebanese, but the Thinking mind was definitely not Lebanese. For some reason I have a feeling Pierre's blood has a message from Iran.