Friday, November 24, 2006

Press is dying for another war in Lebanon

Is it me or are the press really praying that another war bursts in Lebanon, and not just a war, a civil war. They badly want to see bad things happen! Why? Well maybe it sells more newspapers, gets more viewers and readers.

For example yesterday, while I was watching the special program of Samir Geagea on Al-Arabiyya, on the bottom of the screen, they put "Urgent news: Problems are occuring on the road to the airport, and the road has been closed".

I flipped to other channels to see if anyone has got more information, but nothing. So we went back to continue the program on Al-Arabiyya, while another urgent news came up and it said: "Al Arabiya reporter informs that the problems are under control, and the road is open."

So I assume, maybe 2 guys were fighting over a girl or something?


  1. omg i soooo agree... this has been driving me CRAZY!!!

    cnn's hala gorani is particularly bad. she asks every damn person she talks to super leading questions, trying to get them to say civil war in lebanon is now inevitable. fortunately, not many people are taking the bait. but the girl doesn't quit!!

  2. Lol Carine, do you know that she is orginally Syrian?
    Yep, Syrian American ...

  3. So many countries want to see Lebanon sink! Econmically for them its better when we hit the wall over and over again!

    I really think if there wasn't any media, things wouldn't be as bad!

  4. You're right Liliane, I'm so sick fo hearing of a possible rift between the Sunnis and the Shiites in Lebanon, a-la-Iraq. Things aren't as bad as everyone thinks they are! There are just people out there who either want a story to 'make' their career or some sides who would benefit from creating something out of nothing.

  5. Yeah you mentioned a very good point which I have been meaning to talk about. Lebanon will not be another Iraq. The media makes it sound so, but I highly doubt it. None of the Lebanese wants another war!