Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pierre Gemayel`s funeral, pictures included

There was definitely a lot of people attending Sheik Pierre Gemayel's funeral, but I have to be objective on this one and say it was not near 14th of March 2005 at all. Proof is I was able to actually drive my car to Ashrafieh in 10 minutes, thus in 14 March 2005, it tooks us almost an hour and a half to get there. But nevertheless, it was huge, a lot of crowd, from all ages and religions and backgrounds. A martyr such as Pierre Gemayel derserves it.

Okay below are only a couple of photos of many more, if you want to see more, please click here to view the whole album.

You can view the whole album here.


  1. I tried to take more photos of children and older men, I didn't want to take conventional pictures! But seriously, el jaw... amazing how you see people from all ages all standing there because they are sick of the situation and they just want a better Lebanon! Is this so much to ask for?

  2. liliane,

    could you imagine that other lebanese want a lebanon too?

    even the fpm crowd?
    even the ha crowd?
    even the other crowds?

    when we start recognizing that we're all essentially the same, we start taking down our man made borders :)

    be happy

  3. You're telling me to look at the essence and not be distracted by the outside! I already do that.

    However concerning HA, from what I see I am not so sure they want the same Lebanon that we want. Seriously. They scare me man!

  4. liliane,

    your fears are as valid as anyone elses. lets drop the bull. You fear syria's hostility, they fear israel's and the west, while jumblatt takes comfort in america and hariri in france, they take it in tehran, essentially it's the same problem

    we don't fix the core itself, we address the symptoms,

    Core: we are not united as citizens in a nation regardless of current status quo, traced to social contract (taef and 43) that generates inequality and discrimination against all

    Symptom: we are scared, we feel alone, we feel everyone wants to get us etc, we take refuge in the outside (instead of the in)

    when we start recognizing that we're the same, and we have the same problem and it can be solved together, TOGETHER, we start seeing the futility of jumping or cheerleading for one brand over the other, cheering exasperates the problem. so we pull ourselves out and we start encouraging people to see the root and address it

    goodluck lilly :)

  5. Akid ana I agree with you. We're all humans after all. As a matter of fact I once posted an entry about xenophonia, fear of what we do not know.

    But the thing is, we take refugee as you put it, in france for example, which is not a war country anymore, and a country that produces nuclear activity. While Hezbollah does. The thing is, a month ago I was sure Nasrallah would never turn their weapons against Lebanon. But at the same time, he wants to keep fighting israel, we don't want anything from israel anymore, we don't want one party with a lot of weapons on their hand, and them capable of deciding of a war whenever they want!
    During the war, you can go back and read my posts, i was backing up HA. But I wanted also to see where they were getting at after the war.
    I understand there are a lot of complication with the current government. But we all know what is happening in Lebanon is bigger than the Lebanese. This is what I fear.
    Everyone is bought. I do not want US or France ruling us, I want Lebanese bi kil ma3na el kilmeh ruling us.

    Only if people accept to be treated the way they treat others, we wouldn't be in this mess.

  6. Liliane,

    you raise many valid and interesting points:
    "we dont want one party deciding for all" unilateralism
    "we back up each other when we're at war regardless of circumstances" patriotism
    "no weapons but with army" citizenship and state
    "they will try to buy us but we will not sell" integrity
    "i want lebanese beh kel ma3neh l kilmeh" bravo

    treat others equally, kamehn bravo :)

    Now,these are all qualities and principles that we can all abide by, but we must work on integrating them together and away/apart of foreign interference (even of a friendly loving country like france, mind you the relationship between chirac and hariri is not the same as france and lebanon)

    the incoherence i found in your message was one on: "we take refuge in france". its incoherent with your principles. Foreign coutries pit us against each other, here's one for you, when Hariri was friendly with syria (alla yer7amo), Chirac prevented Aoun from going to the EU parliament and testifying against syria's aggression and occupation of lebanon!. Why?, is that friendly? is that refuge? is that not interference, is that not pitting one lebanese against the other,

    this is to show that the only real refuge thats sustainable is to each other :),
    the last part is most interesting in your post: treat everyone how they treat others, i.E: the same, so if we pursue that we might see where the real leverage is in lebanon, and thats in changing the constitution to one that codifies that wether lebanese are in lebanon or out, they are equal

    be happy lilliane and please try not to get entangled in the shortterm crisis mode in lebanon, we're in for a marathon and we need all the runners we can get, see you on the field sister,

    be happy..


  7. Hello bodhisattva,

    Thank you for your comment, it is always nice to read. I need to take some time before I answer you, don't worry I did not forget you ;)

    First of all, let's hope a lot of runners show up for the marathon.

    Second, I liked when you said "this is to show that the only real refuge thats sustainable is to each other :), "...

    I will try not to sink in the wave of hatred and panic that has been attacking Lebanon recently.. However I wish I can do more. I really do.

  8. liliane,

    do you still mean what you say? :(


  9. I tried but I can't. I don't hate the people. I hate some of those people's actions that will lead to the ruining of our country yes.... I am full of anger and hate. You know why? Because they're not seeing it. they're not!!! tab shou ya3moul el wa7ad. I am just too disappointed.

  10. that this is not the answer anymore! the people follow blindly, why don't you ever question ur leader? it's not impossible for a human being to be wrong, dont you ever doubt them? and it's not weak to admit being wrong.

  11. ok, very well

    so do you really hate them? :)

    p.S: ure right, its not weak to admit you're wrong, especially to yourself

    tx for your honesty liliane :)

  12. Well as our philosophy teacher used to always say back in school, you can't say: "I hate this man!" you should say: "I hate his behavior."

    But always, tell me to choose between love and hate, what do you think I will choose?