Monday, November 27, 2006

Lebanon`s economy messed up again

Since the assassination of Pierre Gemayel, around 45% of hotel reservations for the Christmas holidays have been cancelled. The tourism in Lebanon have been influenced negatively, and there is no gain to no Lebanese but as a matter of fact only losses. We have already lost our summer season, and now we are losing Christmas and Snow holidays.

Tourism is the major contributor in the Lebanese economy, and it has been extremely messed up for the past 2 years. The debt on Lebanon is rising and so is the martyrs numbers.

I really hope that something good will come out of this before I am 90 years old.


  1. I was wondering whether a Hizbullah-led government would promote tourism in Lebanon; perhaps tourism brings about immoral behavior in their view.

    In July, they made fun of those who were upset over the ruined summer season in Lebanon; they thought a summer tourist season is petty in the face of graver issues, such as resisting the enemy any time of day and any season of the year.

  2. Well I have several points to say here.

    I wouldn't advice any of the people I know to come to Lebanon (who are living abroad, not studying) to come, not until the situation is better (at least for a couple of months).

    However I am pretty sure it is not about "immoral behavior" :S

    Plus, I am not just talking about the war. Because there have been things going on for the past two years, I am not sure if you know the whole story.
    In addition, Nasralla decided to have a war on his own with the "enemy" without telling anyone else from the government. Which means is it is not losing the fun of the summer, we are used to horrible things, but we lost money, we lost economy, we lost potential clients from abroad, we lost our financials to buy a house and raise children or a buy a car! We lost our dream Miss Doha!

    Our spirit is on the ground, ask any Lebanese we are not happy, we are depressed and we are angry. For me, what Nasrallah did, did not win him anything (I realised this now) but make us lose even more.

    We do not want to be like Palestinians, fighting all our lives and for what? (will not go into their history, I sympythize with them, but war is war, and we want out). Israel is barely occupying anything in Lebanon! Why are they still fighting it.

  3. Liliane,

    Are you upset at me? I agree with you. I was just asking myself what would a Hizbullah-led government suggest should be the main source of the country's income, if it's not tourism.

    Maybe by perpetuating a culture of resistance, we'll live off of rogue countries sending us money to rebuild and reconstruct after each round of war.

    It's sad, really sad. If they really do not want to threaten other Lebanese, HA should at least tell us how Lebanon will look like if they take over.

  4. Oh am sorry if I sounded mean or anything, we're just all feeling a little edgy in this country :S

    I agree with you. HA are not telling us how Lebanon will become if they ever take over and I think it is because it is going to be horrible. I mean look at their TV. Imagine all our TVs like this....

    I think Lebanon cannot rely on anything else but tourism, because if done right, tourism in Lebanon is as good as top countries in the world!