Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lebanon to get high-speed link

High-speed DSL Internet should be available in Lebanon in March 2007, The Daily Star Reports. The lengthy delays in rolling out the service have cost the country economic growth and foreign investment, according to experts cited by the daily. Source: AMEinfo
I've been hearing such news for the past 3 years. Why should this year be any different?


  1. let see

    april 06? May 06? June 06, september 06 ... they are promising now march 07 ?
    Anyway the dsl that they are promising is not really a dsl since it s not synchronised but assymetric.
    Moreover, the services they are promising to provide such as the tv can just reach 3 km in term of wire leng away from the phone central.
    Moreover they are promising 512 kps of speed when in europe we are having 20 meg as the diameter of the phone wires in lebanon are limited.
    And i m not talking about the bandweight limitations lebanon is facing, i m not talking about the problems of available phone lines ie in hamra sectors for ex only 80 lignes are DSL compactible etc...

    to say: the dsl they are promising sucks and the promises they are saying are a bunch of lies as they cannot implement it easely

  2. Ya3ne even if they do keep their promise, it's a sucky connection.