Sunday, November 26, 2006

Is Manar blowing things out of proportion?

When I hear the news anchor speak in the news on Al-Manar TV, I only notice the full of hatred. You would think they are talking about World War III for that matter. If a person only relies on their news and doesn't check other sources, the only perception of the events in Lebanon are much more blown out of proportion, inaccurate and provocative.

It is definitely not healthy. They closed MTV because it rooted for one party in Lebanon (in an exagerated way as they claim), other TVs do root for a certain party but in my opinion Al-Manar is doing the same on a much higher scale considering the level of danger and provocation. They should take it easy, orelse every viewer will end up full of hate.

Where did the old days go, Peace, Love and Rock'n'roll!

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