Monday, November 06, 2006

How did our parents afford living?

I was thinking today, and almost everyday about this matter. How did our parents afford providing a house to the family, raising their children, sending us to private schools, paying for our clothes, and for our needs and not just any needs, I remember asking for expensive Jeans and expensive shoes from my dad, you see only Fila did the job.

But now I look at myself, and I have to admit I have a very good salary compared to the average salary in Lebanon (not that good, so don't assassinate me please, it's not worth it), and I can't even afford expensive Jeans and (well not Fila) expensive shoes. I just get by. I pay for my car, for its gas, buying some food, some clothes (I am not a shopping fan), paying bills (electricity, moteur, phone, cellphone, insurance, etc...) And I go out moderately, a drink here a movie there, and dining (stopped that since am dieting). But still I am not being able to put some money on the side (blame the car mainly).

So how about if we had a family, I wouldn't really be able to pay for a rented house, the multiple bills and children's school, their books and clothes and toys...

I heard mom say the other day that everything in Lebanon has become more expensive, such as the dairy products, chicken, etc... However I don't understand why; the siege hasd been lifted, importing and exporting is back to normal.

So what's different? Is this just directly because of the post-war, or has been always like this in Lebanon?

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