Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gebran Tueni's one year memorial

صوت... يتحدى الموت


  1. Very nice presentation. If you go shrikini bi salatkoun.
    Alla yer7am kell elli meto w yer7am Lebnen men kell sharr w aza

  2. Yeah I really like its idea, very very innovative and touching.

    Hope all those good people's souls rest in peace.

  3. Gibran, tu nous manques, surtout en ce moment, nous avons besoin de gens sages,intelligents, et surtout patriotes. L'obscurantisme a eu raison de toi. Chacun résiste comme il peut et à sa façon, mais les vrais patriotes deviennent de plus en plus rare.

  4. You are VERY right! When they killed we REALLY lost someone very smart. Every period of time and especially during this period I can't help but wonder, what would he have said, what would the intelligent Gebran say!

    Di3anak ya Gebran