Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From Independence day to mourning day

I don't know how much the readers would be interested in knowing how such a day is being spent in Lebanon by an average Lebanese citizen. A day that was supposed to be a celebration of the independence of Lebanon that was achieved in 1943, which is usually celebrated by showcasing a parade of tanks and military equipments. We usually watch and say: "Why don't they just show last year's". As it is always the same.

How ironic though, showcasing our military and security equipment, while a minister was assassinated by unmasked, and I emphasize unmasked, professional killers who did this is during day light and on a street full of buildings, beside the church where Minister Pierre Amin Gemayel was offering his condolences. This street is beside my old school, a street I know very well.

We're sitting today in front of TV, mourning Lebanon. Each time a political figure (apparently till now all of them are anti the syrian regime), is assassinated, we cry. Yesterday we sat, mom, my 2 brothers and I watching the live reporting of the post-assassination in Saint Joseph's hospital in Dora where the body of Minister Pierre Gemayel was taken, and we all had tears in our eyes, hopeless, tired, angry, sad and devastated. No need to love any of those good men, the few good men, to realise that killing them, is killing Lebanon, is killing us.

Each time they kill a small piece of the hope in our heart for Lebanon. They break the castle of playing cards that we rebuild everytime they break it. I feel like my head is going to explode. Listening to theories and explanations of what had happened, why it did, and where it will get us.

Walid Junblat, Saad Hariri, Nayla Mouawad and others have already pointed the finger towards Syria. Some don't name anyone, they just say that the killers who did this, intended for a conflict in Lebanese between the two groups. Others say, it is because of the international tribunal in Rafic Hariri's murder.

Samir Geagea demanded from Aoun without naming him, to join them, for the president to resign, and for the shiite ministers to cancel their resignation and go back to the government.

Amin Gemayel, the martyr's father handled the situation very wisely and calmly by asking people to pray for Pierre and not react offensively.

Everyone is asked to participate in the public funeral of Pierre Gemayel tomorrow (Thursday 23 November 2006) at 1 pm in Saint George Cathedral Downtown. All public and private institutions along with educational institutions will be closed. (Except probably my work place! however I intend to go to his funeral.)

What do I say about this? Like everytime, they wait for a good man to die in a horrible way to realise Lebanon is in danger, that Lebanon is threatened by the big kids and their big game, and this is when they ask for peace and discussion. But what happens in two weeks, they all forget and go back to their childish games.

I am not afraid of a civil war, we have proven over and over again that we do not want a war, we are bigger than wars. But this doesn't mean Lebanon is in a good state, we're in a very bad shape. Being economically screwed up, politically destroyed is enough.

I will go down tomorrow only to pay respect and to prove that we're here.


  1. Liliane, this is beautifully written. Thanks for sharing how your day has been and all your feelings and thoughts. It makes me wish I was there to pay my respect as a Lebanese mourning another Lebanese countryman.

  2. I am still at work, trying to find someone to go with, as all my friends have already left to the funeral. I will also update you on today's happenings!