Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Federal constitution in Lebanon

I remember once a colleague of mine in the university 8 years ago (yes I'm old) has told me that the solution for Lebanon was to confederate it. So I asked him to explain to me what confederation really is and what is its real difference with Federation.

Anyway two days ago, I was watching a program presented by Shada Omar, on LBC sat, where she had guests from different backgrounds and two of them were known musicians and singers in Lebanon, Ghassan Rahbani and Melhem Baraket. The famous Melhem Baraket, even though he got a bit too emotional, he mentioned that the best solution for Lebanon is a Federal system.

There was a professor in Psychology who had explained that a federal system in Lebanon cannot be applied because unlike the Swiss Federal Constitution, the potential sovereign states in Lebanon will be divided on sects. In summary, he specified that this is no longer possible as people from sect A habitate in places where sect B are, and so on. Not to forget that now people from different sects are getting married so what will happen to them?

Finally, I want to say that I am surprised that such a system even gets mentioned as a solution for real problems, for the reason that we will actually be declaring hatred and disagreement by applying it. Moreover, I don't think that sectarianism is a real problem in Lebanon, it is only a disguise for a bigger one, which is Lebanon's lack of sovereignty and independence.

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