Friday, November 24, 2006

Aoun: Lebanon is ruled with agreement and not numbers

In an article in today, about an interview of Al-Jazeera with Michel Aoun, he said:
لبنان يحكم بالتوافق لا بالعدد

I am a bit surprised of this, because as far as I remember that he is the one who always makes sure the numbers appear. Anyway whether there was more people yesterday in the funeral that whatever Hezbollah and Tayyar are planning or vice versa, it is really not the issue here. The issue was a good man was assassinated and Lebanon IS in danger.

He also explained why he did not participate in the funeral, he said:

لا يُخفى على أحد أنه فور حدوث الجريمة، رُفعت شعارات ضدي شخصيًا، وحاولت بعض القوى الإعتداء على مكاتب التيار الوطني الحر وشعاراته. استوعبنا الحدث، وقامت القوى الأمنية بضبط الوضع كي لا يتفاقم، وسعيت بالأمس إلى امتصاص هذه الحالة غير الصحية والتي تضمنت اعتداءً سافرًا على معتقدنا السياسي. لقد وُظفت الجريمة ضدنا لذلك امتنعنا، بعد محاولات عدة، عن المشاركة على رغم أننا نريد المطالبة بتحقيق سريع لكشف الحقيقة فليس لدينا ما نخشاه.

Translation in summary, he said that since the crime he has been dissed and even some forces have vandalized some of the Tayyar offices, but they understoond the event and the Security forces controlled the situation, etc...

I would like to confirm such vandalization because it happened before my eyes. I personally do not like Michel Aoun (nonetheless I was in agreement with Tayyar during the university days, but no longer), but this doesn't give me the right to disrespect and vandalize and hurt.


  1. Nonetheless, he could've used the occassion to reconcile. The man, Amin Gemayel, had just lost his son afterall...I think Aoun could've gotten over a few pictures being burned in order to pass his condolences!

  2. I think that Aoun lost big time with his excessive pro-syrian agenda. The man has no more credibility especially among Lebanese christians.

  3. Yeah definitely. In my opinion he's messing up. And I also think he could make things better, if only...