Thursday, November 23, 2006

Aoun calling for participation in tomorrow`s funeral

I just read on the LBC TV marquee that Tayyar leader General Michel Aoun has called upon his party and his followers to participate in tomorrow's Sheik Pierre Gemayel's funeral.

العماد عون يدعو مناصريه للمشاركة في جنازة الشهيد بيار الجميل

That is some good news...

Source: LBC Group TV


  1. We don't need him! Anyway his followers left him already! They recognized that he is just an opportunist and willing to unite with the devil to be a president!

  2. Bravo Général. 3al alileh ma stafed men el wade3 la yballish ittihemet shmel w yamin 3al habal. Kell mouwatin sali7 lal balad byou2af ma3 ahl el fa2id bi heyk wade3.

  3. I was happy to hear such news. It showed him less of an egoistic person. They also said on NTV that he asked Gemayels to go pay them his condolences while they didn't accept it. I don't know how true this information is.

  4. My far-away light watching Lebanon view is this: many Christians were getting uncomfortable being a reliable political "ally" of Hezbollah.

    Some probably think, like me, that it is Aoun's alliance that embolded the Hezbollah Shia to leave the cabinet, thinking they could win politically.

    The Aoun - Hez alliance almost certainly supported the idea that Gemayel's assassination would help Hezbollah.

    If Druze & Sunni vs Shia war breaks out, whose side with Aoun be on? Is it really a coincidence that so many Christians are being targeted?

    I think/ guess that a large number, even a majority, of Leb Christians are against Hezbollah & terrorism. If Aoun doesn't lead this opposition to Hez, these Christians will be looking for another leader who will.

    But Aoun leaving the Hez alliance reduces the risk of civil war because Hez is weaker.

  5. That is the most sensible thing to do. Even Hezbollah should have called to articipate in the funerals. General Aoun is taking here the right decision and he has my backing.

  6. Aoun followers were going to the funeral anyway.The general is obsessed with polls
    and being an opportunist followed the trend.

  7. You're right sophia, any party of Lebanon should participate in such funeral as the one who died and got murdered is a member of the government!

    Aoun is definitely obsessed with polls. Maybe he should do one to see that he is losing fans!

  8. and i say general aoun is a 7osorme be3ayn kell wa7ad fi ta7et bato salle bten3aro law betkouno 2add dofor ejro lal general we bte2e3do bi 3ayn l chams l ghire 3amya wel 3ama bi fawet bil hayt fa please w3ou ba2a fta7o 3younkon .