Monday, November 20, 2006

After Nasrallah`s speech yesterday

Source: AFP - Video Grab from Manar TV
BEIRUT (AFP) - The head of Lebanon's powerful Shiite Hezbollah movement has called for a national unity government to resolve the country's deep political crisis, or fresh elections.

"There a two solutions to resolve the crisis -- either the formation of a government of national unity, in which all political movements take part, or early parliamentary elections," Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech to a mass gathering of Hezbollah supporters broadcast Sunday.

"We cannot have any confidence in this government because it answers to the decisions and wishes of the American administration," he said.

Source: AFP
What puzzles me is, Sheik Nasrallah is using an argument while similarly they do the same specific thing he's accusing the others to do. Anyway, even though the man explains and gives a speech in a very organized manner following an orderly logic, I still cannot agree with him on certain things, whereas he's very smart to the extent that the one who is listening to him gets hypnotized by his words and believes everything he says automatically.


  1. Whether we could or not believe what he says...believing all what the others say
    is equally hard...

  2. bodhisattva I can't agree more. Well actually there is an art to "discussion" and "speech" (am sure you know that), but what I mean is, he is a MASTER in these two. Unfortunately for him (or not?), aoun is the opposite.