Monday, October 09, 2006

Talents in Lebanon – Composer/Musician: Jalal Haddad

This entry is one of many of Talents in Lebanon, where I will be introducing several talented artists from Lebanon in various fields. The first entry will be about a distinguished young composer and musician Jalal Haddad. I met Jalal almost 8 years ago, and through these 8 years, every week or so, Jalal would send me a small voice clip of his music. And every single time among the dozens of times I listened to his music, my reaction would be:

Wow - Wonderful - Amazing - Impressive - Touching - Expressive - Hollywoody - Captivating

When you listen to Jalal’s music, where there are no lyrics, you can write your own lyrics to the music. You can immediately visualize the story that Jalal is trying to tell. He has this remarkable method of translating his thoughts and vision into music, hence we translate back his music to thoughts and vision and definitely enjoy it.

Jalal Haddad is a young promising talented gifted superb musician and composer.

To listen to some of his music, you can visit:
I would recommend starting with "Lebanese and surreal".

Quoted from his webpage:

"Jalal Haddad is not your average school boy with an extensive background in forced-piano-lessons and a rock star revolution at the prime of his adolescence. With passion for music since the age of 5, the sound he serves today, that of a Modernized and Beirutised Classical musician, pimping across Broadway to make a living, is a blend of classical, jazz, blues, choir, folk, military and a lot more, never letting genres come between him and his virtual world that he tries so hard to convey to us mortals."

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