Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Saying Goodbye once, twice, three times

At the beginning of this month, my friend has been relocated from Lebanon to Qatar as there are more chances to find potential clients in Qatar than in Lebanon, especially after the last July 2006 war.

Also this month, and precisely last Friday, I said goodbye to another dear friend who is going to work in an IT company in Paris. Yes, we said Good Luck and Take care of yourself, as we always do.

In 10 days or so, I will also be bidding farewell to a close friend who works with me, and has found a better opportunity in Qatar in addition I want to stress on the fact that she is a very talented Graphic Designer.

Having said that, I am noticing a certain pattern here, and it is: Immigration, which is not a new trend, but something that has occured extensively during the Civil war and in the 1990's, however decreased a bit in the recent years, to re-commence even stronger after the Israel-Hezbollah war in July 2006.

In conclusion, these 3 friends, and others who left Lebanon a while ago, all come back to Lebanon on vacations, but career wise, Lebanon was not the place to be for them.


  1. Sheyfeh malla ekhra? We should reverse the equation ba2a so we can leave Lebanon for vacation (not 19 years barra masalan) and come back home to work and live. I wonder who we should talk to... any ideas? :)

  2. walla ya coco, ana personally i am trying to do that. but its hard :S

  3. I certainly know how you feel. Although I haven't suffered through war, the US state where I live is in what is known as the "rust belt." Industry has all moved away in search of higher profits at the expense of worker compensation. There is little work of meaning left and art jobs especially are non-existent. Everyone I know has moved on as well.