Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My 100th Post: Lebanese politics, same ... different day

Well, I will take advantage of this special post, the 100th post, to state several issues.

I will be decreasing the number of political posts on this blog, because lately the news about our politics have become pretty much repetitive. Actually they've always been like that, changed a bit during the war, and now we're back to Kids Play. I have noticed that Politicians go round and round and finally saying things that sum up to 5 sentences:

  • (1) Ana ma khasneh (It's not my fault)
  • (2) Hayda ileh (That's mine)
  • (3) Ana rbe7et (I won)
  • (4) 3tineh yeha (Give it to me)
  • (5) And my favorite: Kil shi byerja3lak (Hope what you wish for me, happens to you)
  • (6) Also my favorite: Houwe ballash (He started it) <-- Inspired by Rampurple

So from now on, on the news, they can just use codes, i.e. X says 1, Y says 4, X and Y say 5. This way, they can decrease the news time, and increase maybe the entertainment time.


  1. u forgot one more:

    "He was mean before I was.. and he is meaner"

  2. To Confidential: hehe yeah! We have to face it, boys like to play :P

    Rampurple mazbouuuuuuuuut! kif nsita! we could put "he started it"