Monday, October 30, 2006

Mother and baby die in destroyed Lebanon bridge plunge

Source: Yahoo
BEIRUT (AFP) - A young Lebanese mother and her one-year-old baby son have been killed when their car plunged off a Bekaa Valley bridge that was badly damaged by Israeli bombardment during the summer war, police said.


Since the war ended on August 14 at least five people have been killed in similar accidents as drivers tried to negotiate part of the bridge that is still intact, sandwiched between the crater and the Berdawni river.

During the month-long conflict, 70 bridges in Lebanon were either destroyed or damaged in Israeli attacks.

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  1. Hizbullah should compensate the family since it caused the damage to the bridge! That is the price of VICTORY!!!

  2. How can you compensate death? Plus in every fight there are 2 sides to blame, we can't go on living by Israeli people blaming Hezbollah and Lebanese people blaming Israel.