Monday, October 30, 2006

Lebanon businesses try to bounce back

The following article by Alex Klaushofer from BBC News UK describe how Lebanese business is trying to get back on its feet and the problems that it is facing, in major the lack of tourists due to the most recent war in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah in July 2006. I discusses 4 points, tourism (or the lack of it), the government support, new customers and Southern optimism.

In normal times, business on Beirut's busy seafront would be brisk. But, in the aftermath of the recent conflict, the Beirut Cafe on the Corniche is struggling to get back on its feet.

"This place is for tourists," says cafe manager Raydan Diab. "There is nobody. Everybody left."

This would usually be the busiest time of year for him and his staff, he adds: "We don't sit as you see now. We are always working."
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