Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday 13: reminds me of Orange

For some reason, when I think of Friday 13, the color Orange comes to my mind. Maybe because usually numbers anticipate a color in my mind, or perhaps as Friday 13 is supposed to be spooky, and the ultimate spookiness element is the pumpkin. However probably because in 2 days on Sunday the 15th, there is the Tayyar festival, moreover represented by the Orange color.
The weird thing is that now whenever someone is wearing an Orange T-shirt or Top, or the color of their car is Orange, or their company logo is Orange, or Orange layout for their website, and whatever issue is related to Orange, they are immediately casted away as Tayyar followers, and Michel Aoun followers.
How can one day, Orange be just a color, and another day to become a belonging to certain principles and beliefs and thoughts. Tayyar has taken over the color.

I believe we should have a petition to have this color back as a none political color!


  1. simply bcz they made a marketing campain launching products under that color and brand to fund their political party.
    they are having a very good marketing PR...

    the others are as well using the blue, the yellow etc... but not for marketing purpose

  2. Mesh seet 3atil el Orange as a political statement wlo ;)
    Enno leych el Orange w mesh el Red wel Blue wel Yellow. 7ada bi ellik Yellow masalan? lol

  3. I understand inno fi blue w fi yellow, but they don't have that much of a big impact as the color Orange. I mean over here in Lebanon, there is this obsession :|

    They do have a very good marketing PR, but to the extent of Controlling. Someone might think that it's harmless and it's just a color that now represents a certain political party, but I think there's more into it.

  4. Last time, I saw this very cute t-shirt, but its color was organge... so I didn't buy it. I didn't want people to categorize me as belonging to any political party.