Friday, October 06, 2006

Don't honk and drive

If you do this more than 5 times a day, then you're a honkaholic. We have an anonymous group for this and it's called "NoReasonToHonk".

There is no reason to honk:
  • when you see a car 100 meters away coming out of a turn
  • when you see an attractive person
  • when you're behind a car that is carefully trying to come out of a turn.
  • a millisecond after the lights turn from red to green
  • when a car breaks down in front of you
  • to someone who is riding a bike (this only makes them lose their balance)
  • to the car in front of you who has allowed another car to pass in front of it
  • to a car in front of you who turned on their left / right sign 50 meters ago and now they had to slow down
  • when you're stuck in traffic
  • when the car in front of you makes a sudden stop, so you can instead of honking... hit the breaks!
Honkaholic's side effects:
- Getting angry and making everyone else angry easily
Consequently affecting your daily life, thus decreasing your productivity at work

There are definitely more reasons, so please think before you honk


  1. Good one. :)

    You know something, I don't honk during driving except in rare situations when I feel there is a chance of accident if I don't honk. :)

  2. Well yeah me neither, mainly when someone decides suddenly to go in reverse not seeing that there is a car there. Honest mistake, it's okay, but I honk anyway :P