Thursday, October 26, 2006

Civil Marriage in Lebanon, Why not?

Taken from www.uua.orgWhy not? Why shouldn't there be Civil Marriage in Lebanon. This issue was brought up at the end of the presidency era of President Elias El Hrawi almost 10 years ago, and had been devastatingly ruled out, rejected, and severly attacked.

There are more than one reason why there should be Civil Marriage in Lebanon. I can name one so many, and I will:
1- Because it is just ridiculous for those who wish to get married in a civil way, to fly to Cyprus and get married there
2- Because yes, civil marriage is a civil right
3- Because in my opinion it will solve so many problems that we have here in Lebanon

Before point three is explained thoroughly, we should not forget the reason why Civil Marriage was ruled out, out of the question. Unfortunately no logical or valid argument was given concerning why we shouldn't have Civil Marriage in Lebanon. And the only thing that would explain its rejection is financial, and power related to the power positions and sources we have in our religious parties.

Now back to point three, couples from different religions face certain problems when getting married, as they both come from different backgrounds, they will need to agree on one religion to follow which will make the other party (and his/her parents) upset or sad or insecure... Not forgetting which religion to raise their children to.
And in addition to the above reason, if more people from different religions blend in together in Lebanon, logically their children will turn out being even more open and secure concerning their own religion (which they choose themselves) and the others'. Therefore the latter will definitely break the ice when it comes to the Lebanese religion related issues, and maybe, for once, religion will be a solution in Lebanon instead of an obstacle and a reason of disagreement.


  1. 3afekeh. Enno if it works and if it is THE official marriage contract in other countries that are made of people from different backgrounds and religions, why the heck not in Lebanon?
    I think that once this issue is solved, the bigger issues we have in Lebanon will be solved too. Aslan ya3ne we all believe in the same God/Allah/Elohim, lashou hal tafri2a ma ba3rif :) I think God Himself agrees on civil marriage :) Ya reyt fina nes2alo w n7ella ba2a

  2. Ya 3ayne 3layke ya coco, inte eltiya, 3anjad ya ret fina nes2alo 3an hal mawdou3 w kaza wa7ad gheir :P 7aj ya3mlelouna wars bi ismo

  3. You guys are obviously unaware of how powerful and entrenched the religious institutions in Lebanon are..
    Both the Patriarch and the Mufti are strongly against it (because face it, marriage is one of the mosque's (and churches) highest sources of incomes..
    what is worth is that some of the supposedly most "liberal" politicians like hariri, jumblat and geagea baddon ridahon lal shyukha wil mtarne.

    Also, the people themselves are not ready for such a step (save for some enlightened souls like ourselves ;) who got educated in AUB and other "elite" institutions ), I once brought it up with an uncle who was running for parliament and he was so offended that 3a shwayy battal yihki ma3i!

    The road is long dear..

  4. Hi Mustapha, first of all thanks for posting in here, I really enjoy reading your blog and the point of views you offer.

    Second, actually I am completely aware of it (I did say "And the only thing that would explain its rejection is financial, and power related to the power positions and sources we have in our religious parties") hehe so you are completely right.

    I wish we can see someone open up this issue, because I am planning to get married in a Civil way!

    I wish there is something we can do.

  5. i a muslim woman wants to marry a christian man , i am simply mot convinced with the idea of civil at all, we are simply perfect together and cant seem to resolve this issue. the reason being is in islam for women to marry civil, its considered a sin and illegal that its simply not accepted. i just dont day convinced another day i'm not.

  6. hi, i am chris. i am a swiss journalist and - since i organized a trip to libanon in november 2004 - a big fan of the cedern country. now i am researching on a larger story about the civil marriage in libanon / cyprus. I want to make a love story, which is stronger than sectarianism and which has to lead to cyprus. is there anybody, who did this already? is there any institution in cyprus, where the most lebanese marriages take place? any companies, who are specialized on organizing those trips? do you go by boat or by airplane? thanks for helb and god / allah bless the cedern country. chris > mails at:

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  8. the reason that religion refuses civil marriage is: civil marriage doesnt save the rights of women, meaning: for example in Islam: if a guy wants to divorce a woman there is wat they call "mu2a55ar" then wat they call "nafaka" if there are children. civil marriage for me is a way to try to get away from rules...

  9. Well it's true, but Islam (as far as I know) doesn't really save women's rights that much, true there is a price that a man should pay if he divorces his wife and more money in case she has children, but usually they're not enough...

    As for civil marriage, actually it's more like a contract, and a lot of things can be agreed upon before marriage. I don't have a lot of details, but from what I know it really makes sure it meets both couple's rights in case of a divorce. We can dig into that more if you want more info

  10. hey lk ana i am a girl that beleive in all what you said bes bta3erfe leish b lebnen ma b7ayeton ra7 you3o laeno meskin el 7adara wil ta2adom b danabon 3amlinon metel ma hene beysatifido plus talam sar fi civil marriage talama batal fi 3onsouriye w diktatoriye b 7a2 el mara laeno sory heida el zawej el wa7id yali byodmanla 7a2a bs kil shi w zabet byorofdo b 7erbou bl jahel na2o el osas yali bedon yeha min el 8areb w zabatouwa 3a zaw2on wl sa7 rafadou leish bede enabaz la moujarad ene damanet 7a2e la moujarad eno emanet el we2e3 w t7adayto bs samo lebnen balad el 7adara el ta2adom w hene ma 3ando jensa

  11. Anonymous, I agree with what you said, bass a lot of people are starting to accept couples who marries in a civil way! I think it just needs time.