Thursday, September 21, 2006

World War III

What would be the reason for a 3rd world war? Anyone can probably answer this question! Is everything happening lately manufactured by coincidence? or is it an orchestra directed by a maestro?

Who is the maestro?

Events are triggered simultaneously and consecutively. Everything having to do with religion eventually.

I wish politicians would vanish, and politics would cease. Politics only make things worse. Politicians are extremely selfish, bought for cheap, and idiots. In addition to all this, religious figures are now involved in politics as well!

I wish people would stop being religious and start believing in God.


  1. "I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP BEING RELIGIOUS AND BELIEVE IN GOD". These are the wisest words I have heard/read in a long time. Thank you for posting this, and thank you for posing a very (even if difficult) question. I think we should all ponder that and get back to you. I think an even more difficult question would be: what can we do to make sure we avoid a third world war? Either which way...we need to continue praying.

    In solidarity because I still care about our planet and the people in it - all of them.


  2. quoting liliane

    "I wish people would stop being religious and start believing in God."

    that should be added to oxford's dictionary of quotations!

  3. You're right Marianna. Faith is very important and we should keep praying for a better world, for some wisedom to those who have control over our destinies and future, maybe they can decrease the level of ignorance and prejudice and danger that is existing nowadays!!!

    Jedi.. :) Can't take all the credits hehe I was inspired by Gibran's Pity the nation