Friday, September 01, 2006

What's happening with the Lebanese who are trying to go back to Lebanon?

Basically the blockade is still on, many Lebanese are having problems going back to Lebanon, and surprisingly there are a lot of Lebanese who want to go back home, and I am among them. I was on the phone with an Agent who told me to keep checking with them for any update, he urged me to do so every couple of days, because places are getting filled so fast and that he is getting so many calls concerning tickets to Beirut.

The airlines people are using, have either stopped flying to Beirut, or they don't reach Jordan, and if they do reach Jordan or Cairo, nevertheless the rest would be up to the travellers themselves, and it is pretty difficult to get a ticket from Cairo or Larnaca for example to Jordan and then to Lebanon, difficult maybe not, very expensive? Definitely.

I was checking the prices of some tickets, let's say someone would think they would go to Jordan and take a car to Lebanon, or fly to Cairo, then to Amman and then to Lebanon by car or plane... The plane tickets are 1500$ and up, they even surpass 2000$.
I even heard that going by car from Jordan to Lebanon, is costing people around 1000$, and from Syria to Lebanon around 400$. Now I am not sure if it is still the same after the war or not.
Moreover it could be also due to the fuel's price increase, but this is still outrageous.

Below is an image taken from this post. The picture is really touching.

come back..


  1. Actually, I found 3 plane tickets with Royal Jordanian for me and my family from Paris to Beyrouth, with a stopover in Amman for 700 USD (one way).

    Round trip was for 900 USD.

    So it isn't that bad really.
    Plane leaves at 6 PM Paris, and arrive in Amman at 11 PM. Then there is a hotel rool waiting for you (included in the price of the ticket) in a 4 star hotel in the airport, and then the plane leaves at 7 AM follwing day.

    When I last checked there were several seats left.

    Don't go through travel agencies, as they only have limited seats allocated to them. Go through Royal Jordanian Airlines directly.

    Hope this helps

  2. Did you leave from CDG or another airport from Paris, because this is where the difference is, i checked for this.

    Plus we already have return tickets, and personally the type of my ticket was restricted.. couldn't change airline, connecting cities, etc... But finally thank god, things worked out! And I only have transit time in Amman for like an hour maximum!

    But anyway, thanks for the tip I will check Royal Jordanian hope they have a number here in the US.

    One question though, you leave paris at 6 PM ? and arrive to amman at 11 ????? that is weird, because I leave paris at 10:25 and arrive to LEBANON through jordan of course, at 6 PM... I guess this is why it's cheap maybe!

    Anyway have a nice trip, and hope I do too coz am scared of flying :P

  3. Oh btw, I didn't hear about the ticket prices, I saw them in my own eyes,,,, I checked all these from paris to cairo, or from prague to cairo, crazy prices...

  4. thanks for stopping by and glad you like the pic

    enjoy your return :)

  5. Je suis rentree il y a trois jours, avec un billet paris-damas a 400 dollars, puis un taxi collectif damas-beyrouth a 20 dollars (le taxi pour une seule personne entre damas et beyrouth coute 100 dollars). Il me semble beaucoup plus facile de venir depuis damas que depuis amman...

  6. J'ai fais ma recherche depuis une semaine, probablement les prix ont changé, en tout cas j'ai trouvé deux billets pour ma mère et moi, et sans payer un extra dollar, alors *thumbs up*... everything worked well!!

    Can't wait to get back to Lebanon