Sunday, September 24, 2006

Samir Geagea did it!

After today's mass at Harissa's Basilik, Samir Geagea (Lebanese Forces president) gave the speech in memory of the martyrs that have died 15 years ago in the war against Syria.
It was the first time he had attended this mass after being more than 11 years in Jail, being guilty of a crime which later proved he hadn't committed.
Samir Geagea's words came in the right timing. He had returned something that have been missing lately, a place for the christians in Lebanon. Although I do not like to base my country over religions, however I think what happened today wasn't only for Christians, it was for Lebanese who love Lebanon and care for its own good and not other countries (no need to name).
He called themselves the peaceful resistance, and he asked before asking for a national unity government, the people of Lebanon should be united. He critisized the presence of Hezbollah as a country inside a country without naming them. He also said that the current government, in spite of having some faults, is a government of indepenence and sovereignty.
He acknowledged the martyrs that have died in last year's explosions and the ones who survived them. And the martyrs who were assassinated decades ago for the sake of the country, such as Gemayel, Maawad and Chamoun.
All in all his speech came in the right time to prove to the world and to Lebanon that there are people in it who want Peace, who want weapons in possession of the Lebanese military only, who do not want any foreign force interfering with the decisions taken in Lebanon, and who want the Taef applied. Thousands of people were there, and more on the roads trying to arrive to the location of the mass, Harissa. And hundreds of thousands watching the event on LBC live, including me.

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  1. A murder he has not committed!!!!! what a lie.. come on...

  2. It seems to me that the same dynamics from 31 years ago are once more in place, and a "civil" war is in the works (but, once more, not really civil, because like the one from the mid-70s it pitted those with Lebanese loyalties against mercenaries and local proxies bent on the destruction of Lebanon.) But, again, just like during the mid-70's, we have:
    1- a state within the state.
    2- a national army UNWILLING to put its foot down and make a stand.
    3- one section of the Lebanese (namely Christians, but others as well) doing Lebanon's bidding, and other "components" of Lebanese society doing an outsider's bidding.
    4- and once more, the anomalous presence of a foreign party on Lebanese soil (Hizbo) is exorcised through idiotic verbal gymnastics; "He [Geagea] critisized the presence of Hezbollah as a country inside a country without naming them."

    One wonders, WHY "without naming them"??? Until when should we go on playing these idiotic games, tip-toeing around Hezbo's hubris, afraid to offend them or hurt their feelings??? Did they have any concern for the rest of the Lebanese when they decided to embark on their idiotic adventure? Did they have any consideration for us?
    Let's start naming names, and let heads start rolling.

  3. It is time that Lebanese politicians take a stand for Lebanon and in opposition to the flagarant abuses of Lebanese sovereignty by Syria/Iran and their Lebanese agents, HA/Amal.

    For so long Jumblatt was the only person speaking truth to power because Mr. Seniora has been either unwilling or unable to take a stand for liberty , freedom and democracy. I am glad that others have finally decided to step forward to lend Jumblatt the support that he needs and possibly to show Aoun that it is time for him to stop playing politics of expediency based on purely selfish ambitions.

  4. Even though he didn't name them, he knew and everyone knew who he was talking about, but I believe maybe it was kind of a message, or maybe a warning.
    I don't think a war will happen, because Samir Geagea is not a war man anymore. I liked how he said that THEY want to be friends with Iran and Syria, well we want to be friends with all countries.
    His speech talked about balance and this is something great, I just hope Aoun for once, wakes up.

  5. I don't think that a civil war is in the making! The situation is different. Sunni, Druze and Christians are on the same page: united Lebanon with strong army!
    Shia and HA know that they will lose everything if they want to start a war!
    God protect Lebanon!

  6. folks,

    Personally, i wouldn't imagine Geagea as a christian leader for so many reasons. But the hilarious thing here is that u mentioned he paid for a crime that he didn't commit. NO WAY!!!! of course, he was involved in the assassination of dany chamoun(he wasn't the only one though, but he was surely the most vulnerable partner since all others got covered afterwards, and he was the planner and executer of the assasination of rashid karame). i understand he is not the only one who committed such atrocious crimes, but he was the only one(along with aoun) who didn;t read well the political scene after 1991, and thus dragged himself down as well as his followers. but the problem doesn't end here, since he isn't even ready to go through an auto-criticism and apologize to his followers as well as to his enemies. i don't understand why he's still insisting that he was right. i m not into the rhetoric, specially when it comes to people who had the power long time ago but didn't take advantge for the best of his people(christians in this case). the following points r a synopsis of my major comments on harissa ceremony:

    1-he didn't respect the martyrs of HA, knowing that "agents"(whether syrians, iranians,...) don't die to defend their own villages and land, but rather prefer hideout and compromises.

    2-it is important to address crowds more objectively by exposing a clear plan for "political resistance". ie if he is really worried about the christian people, why he isn't caring of increasing their welfare by spending a significant chunk of his double-digit fortune(in billions) on educating and improving their social conditions? if so, what is he waiting for?

    3-i will be splendid to hear his plan of a strong central government that could defend the lebanese sovereignty. This latter encompasses the water theft, violation of the UN resolutions and the expansion of the lebanese economy(which is part of the resistance)

    4-the elections showed that he isn't qualified to be a christian leader. If he/they believe the local political environment has changed, then welcome early elections.

    5-he's really worried of the balance inside the country. well, who is the most culpable for suhc imbalances? let he begin asking his "strategic" allies first.

    6- it's a shame to talk of the displaced while jumblatt is the only guilty in not closing this file. why geagea won't ask how the money was spent? oh no, he will upset his beloved ally.... is he concerned of the displaced christians? why not helping them to go back by wuthdrawing the necessary bucks from his own accounts?

    7-it's time for all lebanese to go through sincere dialogue for the improvement of the political, social, economic and eduacational life of the lebanese citizens. Time is running out, and we r about to miss the last chance to ride the train of progress and illumination.

    GOD Bless,

  7. To Bachir:

    Replying after so long, I thought I had replied to you, and not sure if you will see this.

    Anyway, not wanting to sound like I am defending him, as there are many things I agree with you about.

    1- I don't recall him disrespecting, but if he did, then it was wrong

    2- That is true, he did not show a plan, as he is sucked in by the low level of politics in Lebanon which does not revolve on showing good plans but only talk (unfortunately they all do so)

    3- I think he already does but not in a so efficient way

    4- Elections? He didn't run for elections, or you mean Lebanese Forces in General?

    5- All are guilty of such manners

    6- Same answer concerning backing up allies. As for helping, I donno, who helped financially anyway except Hezbollah (let's not go there concernign the WHY)

    7- I agree on that.

    God Bless in deed.