Friday, September 08, 2006

No more Israeli Naval blockade, but European warships?

Israel lifted its naval blockade of Lebanon on Friday after European warships began patrolling to keep out weapons shipments for Hezbollah guerrillas, the head of the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon said.


The lifting of the blockade brings Israel's campaign against Hezbollah guerrillas closer to an end, and allows desperately needed reconstruction projects to proceed freely. Israel now must withdraw its last troops, to be replaced by up to 15,000 Lebanese soldiers backed by an equal number of international forces in southern Lebanon under an Aug. 14 truce.

Israeli officials said that could happen within two weeks.

Source: AP

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  1. European warships are a good thing! In fact the whole strengthened UN presence is a good thing! I mean it comes with its pros and cons but this will be an important milestone in Lebanon's re-emergence from under the Syrian boot!

  2. Yesterday I went to Jbeil and went past the 3 destroyed bridges, and saw the oil patch on the "sansoul" in Jbeil...
    There's major reconstruction to be made... the holes are huge, and I can only try to imagine the amount of destruction in the south...
    Well, at least now we can start working on those, in the hopes that lebanese people unite instead of fighting on stupid issues and arguing who's more patriotic that the other.

    Nice blog btw, keep it up :)

  3. Well to blacksmith jade, I totally agree, I think it's a very good step to be done towards a better Lebanon.

    And to Jose, well you're right, ya3ne talk is cheap, khalas stop talkin and go do some work. Killo bi zeyid, and well I can see the government trying to work a little bit w ma3 hayda killo receiving so much criticism. I think this is the first government since years that is seriously doing some work.